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lalala - what the hell - lalala
2011-07-11 / 15:13

lines for that girl!

i cant sleep and i really dont know why. havent eat today - i dont know why either i havent done this too. i just wasnt hungry. maybe my body wants to tell me something i dont know yet. maybe i am stressed out - but i dont feel like stressed out. more like.."lalalala - wth - lalalala". my brain is just empty. really. maybe its because i have been ought to think so much in the last few days - so maybe there is only a dry desert in my brain area right now.



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sounds like you are in love :D

By Blogger ., at 11. Juli 2011 um 16:04  

Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 11. Juli 2011 um 23:54  

i am in love for 2 yrs so i think i got used to that ;) so i maybe its something else..*sigh*

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 11. Juli 2011 um 23:57  

Baby on the way maybe? ;)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 13. Juli 2011 um 10:10  

nik! before i make babies grab your wife and make some lil beautiful wonders!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 13. Juli 2011 um 10:28  

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