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Cleopatra Illustration way in progress
2015-02-25 / 10:21

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Girl with Leaves
2015-01-19 / 10:26

I wish i had more time for drawing again. But being all grown up and stuff means to manage your time wisely. I just could draw this because i woke up too early today.

Beside this some quick fun facts (because my last post is from 2012):
- i or we (alex & i) are married now since january 2013
- we finally moved back to our hometown munich
- i gave up on being an art director in advertising agencies and became selfemployed instead
- selfemployment is the best thing i could have ever done (except for taxes ... i hate doing my taxes like all the time)
- we got the cutest little dog - coco

...yeah i think beside this fun facts i am sure much more did happen but i am just too lazy to write it down.

so happy new year you all!
- sandra

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new drawing
2012-07-24 / 02:47

did this yesterday

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yea again its been a while but hey i got news to tell
2012-07-22 / 12:46

sry guys - damn 3 months no posting! but so much happened!

alex , my parents and my sister and i went to an america road-trip for 2 weeks  - we have made bunch of photos - but even my dad haven't got his birthday photoalbum from this trip yet - so yeah we are as hell busy with everything. but here is one of alex + me in miami beach (yeah no photoshop with all our wahhh normal skin) and me in one of the huge hotels we were staying (there were NO people - and everything was so HUGE and empty - best thing when you are travelling off-season :D) and my sister and i when i am checking my bimples in new york (yeah my sister is the beauty in our family - i am more the tomboy with no makeup, burping and stuff (my mom put the nail-polish on my fingers! she said i have to act more like a lady while i am with her) )

big news: we are moving AGAIN. yes again. to "stuttgart" - why that? because we miss our families and the good beer you can only drink in the south. and yeah..other reasons. quite sirious reasons for the part of germany where i am living at the moment there is a whole lot of racism and i can only tell by comparing where i lived before, that this area is the worse i ever lived in. eventhough "hanover" is worse. in munich - where i lived the longest - i have been verbally attacked once in 10 years and not once physically. since i live in north-rhine-westfalia i was verbally and physically attacked 9 times in 2 years. and i do neither live in the ghetto nor do i work in some shit-skinhead-neo-nazi area. even if i go for walks i hear the "Nig.."-Word - so i was like - FUCK THAT I AM MOVING!

another really big reason to me is that my mother lost his younger brother not long ago and i just wanted to be near here. so why not munich again? alex got a great job offer in stuttgart at BLACK THORN TATTOOs with the lovely and great talented tattoo-artist kelu and his co owner & girlfriend and also great tattoo artist susa. they are both so creative and loving. i think alex can do his next steps there eventhough i think he loved the time in at Lifetime Tattoos with his mentor Frank and Andre.

the only thing that was keeping me here for so long was my really really GREAT job. i really do love the folks over there. petra our text-chief is just as cute as a button and maria the is as cute as a button and pure sunshine too. my boss is just the best boss i have ever had and joerg and lars are the best guys i have ever worked with. i love this agency but i really can not live in duesseldorf any longer. i feel shit here. really shit. i quit my gym because i was attacked there, i do not go for walks anymore the fucking museums are too expensive and the town is getting just more ugly to me as more shit i get from the people who live here. and i am really sorry for alex - he loves me just the way i am but he could never help me with this - cause it is a fact - he really does not know how it is to be black and to be bullied for the skin color. if someone would say "fuck you" or "girl you are just not my type" that would be ok. or if somebody would say "girl you are annoying" ok..i could handle this - but to insult me because i have a certain skin color is just disturbing me and it got me depressed. i have NEVER questioned my behavior before - and i have NEVER thought about "black and white" before - but for the first time i really feel like i am some strange somewhat who has to be nice all the time because otherwise they would say "this stupid black girl was so not friendly" instead of "this stupid girl was so not friendly" ... it is just fucking my mind. it was so teribble i thought it would be better if alex would have a nice white girlfriend so he won't have to listen to my whining thoughts all the time. yes i was thinking about breaking up with him because i was not happy with myself anymore - and how could i make him happy if i couldn't even make myself happy? alex just did the cutest thing he could ever do - he asked if i want to marry him - and well - i said yes! so yes boys and girls i am engaged now. but we will first move and alex and i want to have real "boring and quiet" life first before we both say "yes". so after all this stupid-dick-heads who called me names - i thank them for getting married next year in january.

so yes we got a new flat in stuttgart. we have to pay it already wht is quite tough because we also have to pay the rent in our current flat - but if we would not have done this - we couldnt have the flat. and it is really great. 3 big rooms - 1 big floor and a tiny bathroom and a tiny kitchen - exactly what i wanted! YES! 90 qm of heaven! but guys let me tell you - i really do not want to move again for the next 5 years. its fucking expensive (this moving will cost us around 7-8k with the double renting - and we need new furniture and a new kitchen aaah) and packing your stuff after you are thinking "uuhh this flat looks quite nice now" is a strange feeling. and i really love the new flat. it is not in the middle of the city like our current flat but it is near enough - in the best neighborhood in stuttgart (west) and really near the nature and forrest. i miss nature a lot since we lived in the center of the town for so long.

beside this i am getting my first little babysteps into tattooing. i can not tell you more right now but be sure you will know about it first ;) i think i will quit the lollipop-making because its just too time intenisve - eventhough we are earning really good money with it (so many weddings want our lollipops :)). but we started another thing with fashion jewelry (take a look here) and this is fun and just does not take that much time. we will see...

and one last picture from alex from the amazing pixar venue we went today! i love to do things with alex :D


We are going to the USA
2012-04-19 / 03:14

Hi Folks!
Those are my awesome passport photos.
So why that? Because Alex and i will travel to America on the 13th of may YES!

sry guys still busy with our lollipop business.
i will write more and post more drawings when i have more time.


new Tattoo!
2012-03-29 / 09:15


new stuff like my first split with alex and a jester snake
2012-02-26 / 16:16

hi folks!

haven't been here for a while. i would apologise for it - but the reality is just: i am a normal human with a normal job and i have to work and just did not want to do more after work. i like my job though. but i really missed doing drawings. i even got that much on alex nerves that he said finally ok to do our first split flash together! i wanted to do the jester for it but he said it would be better as a bigger piece. and i have to say: he was just right. so he found the knight girl i just had a sketch of some from some weeks ago and he said that it would be a good piece for a flash. so i did the lines. alex will add his piece after i finished mine. we have done some artsy stuff together - but this one is our first tattoo-ish flash together and i am just happy about it. alex managed to get me to take advises from him. because i was kinda like a dickhead when he started to give me advises eventhough i give him advises too and he take them and do his stuff better - so i had to put my perseverance away and just say thank you and do my best. that took years and i am so sorry for any shitty behaviour of mine. but i could never take critisism from ppl i love.crazy i know but i dont know why it is like this. aaaannyway. here are those drawings i started today.

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