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another girls 'n cakes
2011-07-18 / 07:47

i had a flu - and since i havent done a cake for alex last week because i was ill - i made this orange cake today. and you see - i havent even cleaned up the place and alex just ate almost half of the cake! but thats good - i try to get him some weight on his bony hips. he lost some weight the past weeks - and he already was a skinny boy before.... some more news on my new life status you can read on tumblr in the next few hours.



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beautiful art!
& I hope you're feeling better girlie.


p.s- will you please mail me a piece of that cake?

By Blogger CupKay, at 18. Juli 2011 um 09:56  

thaaank you! and yesh feeling totally fressshh again :)

and sorry - my boyfriend ate the whole cake^^"

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 19. Juli 2011 um 13:41  

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