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new tattoo :)
2011-06-09 / 13:47

thats my new tattoo by frank thoenessen - alex' boss
its on my forearm and still healing and damn - that was the first tattoo on my body that actually hurt during the healing. i almost dont feel any pain while getting tattooed (thats just me - i think i just like the feeling of getting tattooed so it doesnt hurt to me because all of the endorphines in my body) but the hurt while healing was damn tough for 2 days. and if you ask why a devil on the forearm..and on the right one too? i just thought frank makes pretty damn cool devils and there was an gape between my mixtape and my star (this star *sigh*...i think i will cover it up some day). i am a kind of person that dont think that every single tattoo hast to have a meaning.

i found this lil skully-fella on the fleamarket. there was a man who sold any kind of skulls - real ones and fake ones but this one is real. its a skull of a fox - and since i've bought him alex wants now to have a human skull... i think its a cool idea to have one..just not at home haha :P

i have bought 3 big frames and one medium frame from the flea market for all together only 25 euros. thats nearly nothing. oh i love them all and i hope i will fill them with beautiful drawings!

well... my favourite ppl that was a nice lil post dont you think? nothing too personal - easy going - i liked it. i'll say hello to my pillow now.


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I am very jealous of the fox skull! It would be so cool to have one.

By Blogger Courtenay Cadaver, at 9. Juni 2011 um 21:59  

Hallo Sandra! :) I love your new tattoo and I think the same about tattoos!

Not all/any of them need to have a meaning. I only have one special one and that's the London piece on my ribs! I hate it when people get something not-so-original and make up a deeper meaning for it. I think tattoos are beautiful and that's why I'm getting more of them! :)

Hope you're alright!

- Tea

By Blogger Tea, at 10. Juni 2011 um 23:29  

teaaa! yes i am allright! you r so right! the only one that really means to me anything is that on my back haha
i hope to see you some time again! so yes we are pretty with all our tattoos haha

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 10. Juni 2011 um 23:47  

and courtenay -> go to a big fleamarket i am sure you find some skulls somewhere..i have been on 3 in the last months and on every single one were some :)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 10. Juni 2011 um 23:48  

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