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alex made a tattoo today
2011-06-10 / 12:44

my love made this today and i really REALLY like it!

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wow! this is hella good. which studio is he an apprentice at?
But you gurl has got some real talent! I really enjoy reading your blog. I am working on a portfolio over here in Sweden but I haven't really got into the whole watercolor stuff yet. Mostly lines. I've got a ways to go still but I'm okay with that. Since you
re super good at it maybe you could do a post about watecolor flash-techniques? That'd be really helpful and inspiring for me at least. Keep updating! Love, Amanda

By Blogger Amandizzle, at 10. Juni 2011 um 13:41  

mmmm! so cool! like it! *__*

By Blogger Victoria Scarlet, at 10. Juni 2011 um 16:23  


and my bf is apprentice at the "life time tattoo" shop in duisburg germany ;)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 10. Juni 2011 um 23:07  

Dankeschön. =)
Jaa, nach den Ferien zähle JEDE Note.. uiuiuiui..
Bei mir hängt der Ohrring nur manchmal noch ein bisschen durch.. ;D


By Blogger lory, at 11. Juni 2011 um 01:56  

yeah !!!!!!

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 11. Juni 2011 um 03:40  


By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 11. Juni 2011 um 03:42  

Thank you Sandra for taking ur time and replying, I appreciate it! And also for the compliments, it always gives me a lil more will-power to draw:)
my e-mail is:
if you could just give me some basic painting/drawing tips that'd be great. the more the merrier! this means so much to me, u have no idea. I'm truly greatful! Have a great night, talk to you soon:)

By Blogger Amandizzle, at 11. Juni 2011 um 14:49  

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