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Alone at Home.
2011-06-04 / 15:55

so alex (my boyfriend) is on a airsoft trip with his team the A.T.WARHOGS somewhere in east-germany where 700 crazy funny ppl throw lil plastic balls with crazy weapons on eachother for 4 days. so i was and still am on my own (until sunday or monday - i honestly forgot when he will come i a bad girlfriend now? but i miss him - eventhough i like this feeling when you dont see your partner for some time and there is this longing which you had when you got to know eachother - thats why i like to make trips on my own - just to enjoy kissing and hugs and just everything a lil bit more its true you know what you had if you dont have it anymore - and the good thing on seperate trips is: the seperation isnt forever and without any bad feelings - oh i will be so excited when he comes back and tell me everything what have happened over there...sry sandralalalove is in the room right now haha). where were i...ahhhyeah what ive did with all my spare time..havnt done much except for eating ice-cream all day(s) long, it is and was just too hot to eat normal food, going for very LONG walks (the longest was around 5 hrs and my feet hurt afterwards as hell!) and drawing. i dont show you the new stuff cause its still very rough. but i show you the start of my shadings of my circus / dancing pig / crazy guy piece.

this is just a try to do color trys for them - it is not the final piece as you can see on the rough strokes. but i wish i could do so nice skin colors with ink like with the copics

i really DO NOT like those colors. i have to think about them again. i think i will do the skirt of the pig blue the hat like shinypink or red...but just like this it isnt working..:<

so its half past one a.m. i'll try to sleep now. uhh i will go to the fleamarket tomorrow again. the last time ive got some beautiful twin-frames..alex this lil thief have stolen one for this piece

and because i liked the work - he can have it - i have a second one right ?(the best thing is - both cost 12 euros! oh i love fleamarkets!) :D so i hope to find something like this tomorrow again..

soo goodnight !



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Wow you're a very talented drawer!!!

By Blogger Ladybird, at 6. Juni 2011 um 16:23  

Nice, nice! :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 7. Juni 2011 um 13:44  

aahw!poor piggy!:O altough, it would look pretty damn cool in blue. or like, a mean RED. looking forward seeing what you're gonna do with the poor thing! X3'

By Blogger drend, at 9. Juni 2011 um 15:44  

aaah!sorry. my head isn't with me right now it would seem. you were gonna recolor THE SKIRT of the pig, not the pigs skin. X'D ANYHO. looking forward seeing how the img gonna turn out!:D n sorry again.-from now on i'll read more carefully. ^^'

By Blogger drend, at 9. Juni 2011 um 15:48  

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