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new stuff like my first split with alex and a jester snake
2012-02-26 / 16:16

hi folks!

haven't been here for a while. i would apologise for it - but the reality is just: i am a normal human with a normal job and i have to work and just did not want to do more after work. i like my job though. but i really missed doing drawings. i even got that much on alex nerves that he said finally ok to do our first split flash together! i wanted to do the jester for it but he said it would be better as a bigger piece. and i have to say: he was just right. so he found the knight girl i just had a sketch of some from some weeks ago and he said that it would be a good piece for a flash. so i did the lines. alex will add his piece after i finished mine. we have done some artsy stuff together - but this one is our first tattoo-ish flash together and i am just happy about it. alex managed to get me to take advises from him. because i was kinda like a dickhead when he started to give me advises eventhough i give him advises too and he take them and do his stuff better - so i had to put my perseverance away and just say thank you and do my best. that took years and i am so sorry for any shitty behaviour of mine. but i could never take critisism from ppl i love.crazy i know but i dont know why it is like this. aaaannyway. here are those drawings i started today.

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