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Great Tattoo Blogs i like No. 1
2012-01-28 / 03:45

Hi Folks!

since i am back alive and my never ending interrest in tattoos came back i wanted to share some great blogs of really great tattoo artists with you, who i like. i think i will post more of this in the future ... we will see... the thing with tattoos and the internet is some hate love game for me. on the one hand the mysthic is gone and you get your information from everywhere but on the other hand i think its a great place for tattoo artist who ARE selfemployed to make some great advertising for themselfs, make business contacts with costumers and just be there to look at and me being honest - i am like 24/7 on the internet so i can just satisfy 2 of my addictions in one place. So here we go with some great tattoo sites i like.

Peter Lagergren - Let's get tatt'n

peter lagergren is an swedish tattoo artist who works in malmö. he really makes some ugly girls, and the uglyness of them make them so awesome. and then you see pictures like the following of this amphibian woman and think "damn he can do beautyful girls too". if you visit his blog you will also see some REALLY great skulls, a bright color range and so great roses, awesome way in progress images, sleeves, creepy stuff and a style of drawing animals which i adore.

peter lagergrens Some kind of amphibian woman

Uncle Allan

i think uncle allan is just cute as a button because he is so into METAL! and because of his beautyful WIFE AMALIE / shop manager. beside great tattoos of barock-ish woman, burning churches, a lot of flash paintings and even cute stuff you can find many personal posts (and yeah he writes a lot for a guy) and photographs. he even has an great photo-blog.

uncle allan front piece death angel pop with roses

Thomas Hooper - Hoopers Electric

Thomas Hooper is diffrent to me. I even was scared when i first saw him on the london tattoo convetion 2 yrs ago. but it doesnt matter how he make me feel in person i really love his work! and surprise he doesnt do some traditional-ish stuff but i still admire his tattoos and abstract paintings. a lot of mandalas, old copper engravings, graphics and dot-work, is included to his tattoos and art stuff. he combines his love for his graphical thoughts and style with really great tattoo-designs.

thomas hooper Jesse Day Three – After Hans Holbien The Younger

Christopher Conn Askew - Sekretcity International

Chris Conn does not tattoo anymore but he is just one perfect artist. he just announced that he is very ill so he maybe wont paint that much anymore. his style has be copied a lot and i am just very sad to hear that he is that ill. just look at his work and admire how great he does what he does!

chris conn askew Panacea

Valerie Vargas

Valerie Vargas works in London at Frith Street Tattoo with a bunch of more great artists. she is known for her beautiful girls and makes really great traditional motives. she used to have more stuff on her blog but i the little she show is still worth to look at. she does just amazing paintings, drawings and flash sheets. i just discovered that she is pretty great in lettering too so i hope to see more from her.

valerie vargas gift of fury

So PPL thats it for today! I have a lot more to show but i dont want to spoil you that much at once.


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danke :)

By Blogger constanze, at 29. Januar 2012 um 07:09  

Danke dir, das freut mich =)

By Blogger Jessa, at 29. Januar 2012 um 08:55  

Super Fotos, richtig coole Tattoos !

ganz liebe grüße Vanessa win

By Blogger Vanessa Win, at 1. Februar 2012 um 10:23  

Great list. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 9. Februar 2012 um 09:03  

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