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The evil King and the beautiful Queen
2012-01-21 / 05:31

Hi Folks!

its been a while. lot of sad things happened. my uncle died and other personal stuff happened that i just couldnt talk about. i am happy that alex supports me with everything eventhough i am just able to laying around and questioning life. but now i think its getting kinda better. but because of all the sadness in my head i couldnt draw (or do anythin else beside going to work and sleep) but now i started something new. so take a look at my new sketches for a bigger drawing. hope it will work out. i am not that good in drawing roses - so it took me a while to do them and even faces arent as easy as they are normally cause of the lack of drawing in the last weeks. dont know if the heart will stay that simple maybe i will add some fancy stuff..maybe not because there is already a lot going on for my taste hmm..we will see.


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wow richtig gute Zeichnungen und das Eulentattoo finde ich einfach super :)

Du hast eine neue Lesering

vielleicht verfolgst du mich ja auch?! :)


By Blogger Rose, at 25. Januar 2012 um 04:24  

Achso, ok. Danke.. Ich hatte nur öfters gehört, dass diese Farbe nicht so beruhigend wäre.

Schöner Blog!

By Blogger j-j-j-jana, at 25. Januar 2012 um 11:20  

wow your drawings are amazing!

By Blogger Kat, at 26. Januar 2012 um 14:19  

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