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new tattoo ... again :)
2011-08-27 / 23:23

here is my new tattoo that alex made me yesterday. i lalalalala-love it! but i realized that i have really ugly elbow...exspecially when its swollen yesh! uh i love to explore new complexes haha. and as always dont ask me for a deeper meaing. i thought it was fun so i did it. it is quite a great filler dont you think? and looks much better next to my creepy cherryblossom that i have got when i was 17 and drunk yessh. oh i love to some youth sin (do you say that in english? youth sin - here in germany you say it like this). and here is the soundtrack what i was thinking of tattooing (i had fun hahaha):

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und einen tollen blog hast du :)

By Blogger julia ▲, at 28. August 2011 um 11:18  

Yay! for new tattoos! Looks great.

By Blogger MinusAll, at 10. September 2011 um 07:48  

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