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staining techniques and a present for me yessh!
2011-08-26 / 03:53

i have been trying to work with some diffrent staining methods. there are some stuff like coffee or tea staining but i think that always looks kinda sloppy and dirty. in some cases i like this dirty look or "old look" but i prefer it more even if i want to do it. i have still to figure out how i can get it a lil bit lighter and how diffrent colors react to that kinda staining. it will be my lil secret how i do it cause i think everyone should experiment a lil bit for themselves to figure out whats the best way for them ;)

and this is an old flash from my boyfriend he gave me as a present yesterday cause i always said it is my favourite. and it still is. i dont know why but i would get everything on this sheet tattooed. btw i will get a tattoo tomorrow. i am so excited! you will see what i have got tomorrow!

and so do you like my new background image? haha it is kinda funny cause of this whole hubble universe hype. ohw i love to travel on the hipstertrain a lil bit.



Great work, great flash set.... AND a new tattoo! Woooooo!

By Blogger MinusAll, at 26. August 2011 um 11:04  

ich finde deinen hintergrund ganz nett aber mir persönlich etwas zu düster :) geschmackssache eben. die tattoos sind sehr hübsch, mir gefällt vorallem der Totenschädel sher.
alles liebe coko

By Blogger *the skinny way* of Coko, at 27. August 2011 um 02:26  

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