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2011-05-28 / 14:40

so my dearest friends! i cant sleep so i am thinking of drawing. not that i could take any kind of drawing material in my hand right now - i think any 4 year old can draw better than me at the moment - but i think how i draw and if i can put it in a grene.

cause yes i want to draw tattoos! my type of drawing changed in the years and i still didnt found my style. i use refrences from pictures, photographs and drawings from other artists who inspire me (i DO NOT copy them - i use them as refrences if you dont know what that means ..i am just too lazy to explain...okaay i show it with a simple example from alfons mucha)

(alfons mucha used to make pictures of his wife or his daughter - and then use the photograph for oriantation for his drawings like here for his drawing "the emerald")

- but i cant tell to have found my style yet. i dont think if you would see 10 drawings and one of them would be mine you would not know it was from me. cause i dont use a certain color range, composition, lighting, plastic style yet. sometimes i even do it like in art school in the past and try to redraw some drawings that i like just to see how ppl work and how the shapes are going. the good and bad thing about art is: you will never be satisfied. really NEVER. and if you are you dont do art. i dont mean to be pesimistic with your work - and everyone handles his satisfaction level diffrent. like for example - alex usually dont like his drawing - and if he says "yeah thats aaaaaaaaaaaaalright but i could have done better" than it is a lucky day - cause this almost never happens. so he starts drawing again. in my case its like .. i draw something and then i think "yeah looks nice - but i didnt really understand how i got there" so i am kinda confused how i could draw this and then i am kinda pissed cause i dont understand how my drawings turns out exactly. in short form: i am never satisfied with my technique - but i like my motives most of the time.

anyway it is good that your are never really satisfied - so you can go on and on and on and on. i remember when i was in art school EVERYTHING was art - and i like to keep that in mind when i look at a simple thing like a tv or a chair or just my cup or doors or or or. the world can be so exciting just with this little thought in the back of your mind. the next thing that makes art that amazing is that you can be interested in so many things! if you want do draw an airplane - you have to search for good pictures to draw maybe a certain type and then you get to know some new stuff. or animals or plants and flowers or buildung or landscapes or ppl from certain decades - or TOOLS! yeah there are so many diffrent stuff you can spend your time with then - and you get some lil sips of knowledge through every picture your draw.

but back to the tattoo drawings. (or any SPECIAL type of drawing you want to practice.) i think you should understand the technique just a lil bit before you draw something.
in the tattoo industry there is crazy stuff out there - what i like. but there are sososo many guys out there who think they could do some crazy or fancy stuff like hooper, koeplinger or uncle allan.



uncle allan

so ppl see those kinda things - and think "oh i want to do that too - so i will do some crazy shit aweseome two tailed tiger with wings and three heads and some holymoly halfmoon sign on it" cause they dont see what those ppl can do. those ppl like every other artist knows the basics. look at hoopers tatt - i bet you he could also draw just a normal lion and koeplinger a normal skull and just "normal" feathers and jewllery and also uncle allan sure can draw normal none gothic chicks without any pearls and fancy clothes. but no - this generation of no work say "fuck off with this - i do OLD SCHOOL" and this is their excuse for not practicing cause "old school has to look some kind of shitty" but i can tell you - no old school is fucking clean stuff and it is no excuse for anything. i even think its quite difficult because you have to reduce so much! so how can you even dare to draw a pinup-oldschool-girl with a beautiful face if you dont even know why you let certain lines to make an eye look like an eye and not some kind of sperm which flys in somewhat you call a face for a pin up girl.

and thats because i do almost only "boring" stuff. yes of cause every now and then i like to draw dancing pigs or crazy horned girls - but i prefer solid stuff for the moment. i dont tell ppl to dont expirence their own kreativity - but you have to learn the basics before getting freaky. i head to draw eggs and rosehips, perspectives with only lines and geometrical figures for almost a year in art school before i was allowed to do fancy stuff. creativity is great but somewhere there should be knowledge. like how reacts ink with paper, and on what is the best paper to draw on, which pen is for you the best or which ruler can you best work with. me for example i use a thick calligraphy pen for my thick outlines - the bad thing is - it it not always even and i still have to practice a lot to get it even but its transports the ink very nice and i like it in my hand. alex always thinks i am crazy that i use this pen but he uses a thick brush pen from faber castell which i use for my shadings and i could really never do lines with it. they never come out clean when i use it - so you have to try many things to know what is best for you. i wish i could handle the feather better - i like this tool for lines but it really kinda annoying if you are not used to it and always have to put some ink on the feather. and its kinda shitty when you draw a great longerish line with a good flow and then you notice that the feather is getting dry and you just say GOD DAMN IT!

aaargh..i was just so upset about this cause someone told me yesterday (or today - its only half past midnight) that he doesnt have to practice cause thats "old school". ppl like this driving me nuts. especially if they are allready tattooing. -.-" so f*cking ignorant.

good night!

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"Practice makes perfect" if you ask me. That such a silly comment, you keep at it girl. You'll find your style and be a great tattooist soon. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 30. Mai 2011 um 10:41  

you should become a motivation-coach nik XD

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 31. Mai 2011 um 00:12  

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