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2011-05-28 / 13:10

sooo here we go - i still just gonna write more tomorrow - because now i am just quite tired and i still have some work to do. argh. but hey - you see that it is kinda of an circus flash. it was kinda funny to draw this cause i asked alex (my bf) to draw a dancing pig for me - and i think he was thinking to complicated about it. he is more the "metal-bad-ass" drawer and a dancing pig is ..yeah not that bad-ass i think - but i am sure he would have figured out something. maybe he will draw the evil twin to thos..that would be niiice.. i will ask him tomorrow when (or if?) he gets back from his drinking-night out with his boys. so you see it became a flash-sheet...have to do the lines tomorrow.

so ok i am already writing so i can go on. but there is not much to tell you when i am honest. here in germany there is some kinda virus going on here which upsets me a lil bit. its called the EHEC-virus. you get pretty damn serious diarrhea and already 6 women died because of it - and here is the fucking bad thing about it: it is said that this virus is only found on raw veggys (so you would say then..-oh then cook it damn it- but i just cant - cause in our work we dont have any kitchen and cold cooked food???...thats not my maybe it is just my fault i am starving..)! so FUCK shitty me - cause i started to eat healthy again a month ago or something and resently i started to got some stomachache - but i think its just some kind of a bad placebo or something. but me as an vegetarian and not that much of an bread and pasta lover - it is REALLY hard. and of course i dont want to gain weight as hell - so no i cant only eat junk food shit for a while and see what happen. i wouldnt be a problem - i am a junkfood fan - but i just CANT eat pizza, frenchys, veggy-brugers, japanese noodles EVERY DAY! i would be tired all the time and totally moody. yes too much junkfood affects my mood. crazy me. so basically i am surviving on banans and yogurt, crispbread, eggs and i felt pretty anorexic so i have made myself a treat today and only ate junkfood (haha) and made some cheesecake..but the strange thing is: i dont have a sweet tooth atm. maybe it is because of all the bananas and yogurts, curd with honey and so on. so i only ate a tiny-tiny nothing of cheesecake so alex will be lucky tomorrow and will eat almost a whole cheesecake on his own (i usually dont get cake when alex around - this skinny boy can eat a lot i can tell).

beside this i found myself a lil sidejob which i can do just everywhere i have the internet hahahah like my mainjob..but its diffrent, and i never thought i would do this - but i am writing advertising-texts. its not like those slogens but more like those product description for fashion or anything you can think of. i get payed by words and its not like i get a million bugs plus but quite a lil amount so i can save a lil bit more money for the future to realise my dream.

btw. dream..i have to sleep a lot in the past time and were grumpy about it. WHY do i have to sleep. it is so annoying when you are SO exhausted but you have SO many things to do but just fell immediatly asleept just in the sec when your head touches your causy pillow (cause yes i love sleeping..but i hate to dont do anything in this time...there is so much i would do or could do in this time...i would like to freeze time while sleeping). the internet says that if you will get 80 yrs old and sleep around 8 hrs for a avarage night you will sleep 8750 DAYS!!!! thats 23,9 yrs! WTF???? ahh i wish i could sleep less but i think then i wouldnt turn 80.

a dear friend of mine moved to london this month - and i am planning to visit her in the end of the month yesshh! i am so excited! i hope to get vacation from work - cause for the original date that i wanted to go i couldnt my co-worker got the holdidays (which she really deserves btw.) and i just came back from vacation some weeks ago so maybe i should wait anyways.

i am thinking of anna in japan right now *sigh* i am such a bad friend. havnt talked to her for a while. i have to write her..tomorrow when i am awake! i have to get more motivated!

so goodnight my dearest friends!


ps: i will get a new tattoo soon! a devil on my forearm YESH! from frank thoenessen! YESH! and i got another tatt from alex! a rose with the name of my sister "TATA" (her name is tatiana but i call her tata). i will post those two in the next posts.

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These are the coolest drawings ever! I love your style. Your lines have such a nice flow to them.

By Blogger SaraLynn, at 28. Mai 2011 um 20:46  

thank you so much!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 29. Mai 2011 um 09:56  

this is awesome! i love the pig :-)

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 30. Mai 2011 um 22:22  


By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 31. Mai 2011 um 00:02  

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