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finally..i am drawing again! (naked girl-drawings O.O)
2011-04-18 / 11:40

i havent been here for a while. i have done some work meanwhile..i wont show you all cause some are allready packed up to some save and totally secret places (just kidding..i am just too lazy to take some pics of 'em - those ere the last ones on my desk haha^^).

dont ask me why i have drawn those female cut bodies. i kinda was inspired by audrey kawasaki and some odd old zombie-pics of mine. the girl was just some practice peace - and i will use it for an coloring practice. the rose is just the second peace of a frame set that alex he made another rose weeks ago for a frame - and this frame has a twin frame that i have to fill with my rose. we will see how they will look like together.

i havent finished mr. wrinkles yet cause i was more in doing lines. so you will be seeing some monster around soon or some colored stuff. we will see ;)

(btw. i was on the fleamarket and got those beautiful two twin frames (not those i have talked before - those are another pair of twin frames...i really love fleamarkets - i also got a mirror for 3 euros - i will take a picture as soon as i have painted it from gold to white yessshhh)

see you soon.

thank you for stopping by!


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I love Fleamarkets! nice find.... and nice (if a little scary) drawings. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 20. April 2011 um 06:04  

fleamarkets are just AWESOME! ...and scarry thoughts = scary drawings ;)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 20. April 2011 um 23:56  


By Blogger yoli, at 22. April 2011 um 08:03  

richtig toll!

By Blogger s., at 24. April 2011 um 00:43  

you're very talented!

By Blogger Ashley, at 25. April 2011 um 06:16  

Love these!

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 11. Mai 2011 um 16:19  

these torsos are wicked! i've browsed through your blog and i'm godsmacked. yiu'r so incredable talented! and that dancing pig from before(or actually, it was in one of your newer posts compared to this one)-brilliant! i'll be your humble stalker from now on please be gentle with me. :3

By Blogger drend, at 2. Juni 2011 um 02:06  

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