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BITE! a cupcake
2011-03-29 / 14:33

this is my beautiful niece and she is posing with a cupcake for my sisters' blog:

go and take a look please :)

so what is it all about? my sister loves to bake and wants to save money for a high class bakery school in paris - so she started to sell some cupcakes on her universaty for reaching her goal (and mine as well ...who doesnt want a sister who wants to have an own cupcake bakery???) for becoming a great confectioner. i couldnt eat some of those yet - but i know her cakes and if those cupcakes are at least as good as her cakes are i think everyone in my family will get a fatty tummy :D

btw: i have lost my camera thats the reason why i cant post any new drawings atm (have donesome artsy realistic stuff and some inks on paper ...but i cant show it to you T.T) -.- except if you want to see some web-cam low quality pics *sigh* and since our washing-machine decided to make suicide - i have no money for a new cam. damn it ..those emo-washing-machines! why cant they just go on with life like nothing happened *sigh*



Now i'm hungry! :P

By Blogger MinusAll, at 30. März 2011 um 07:13  

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