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mr. wrinkles
2011-03-05 / 15:32

after reading chanceys comment on my last post - i was a lil bit more confident again. she just found the right words to give me hope again eventhough it was only a small comment it really made me happy for the first time on this sarturday.

so i started to draw mr. wrinkles. maybe my boyfriend will look like this someday hahaha but he usually doesnt have that long hair (sigh) i wish he would grow them just a lil bit - he had some greaser-hair-style going on some yrs ago and that was just awesome - buuut seeing him getting ready and taking so long was annoying so i had to admit that i was happy when he cut them off again haha ^^ but nowadays he does the ultra short thing - i like him anyway but i just like to go through men hair with my hands... i even started fights with other boys girlfriends just because i did that in the past cause i was used to do it to my friends *sigh* anyway..i hope i will do the shadings tomorrow - i dont think it will be in color except for the rose maybe.

before and after that the day was just loong and quiet cause alex was on the exhibition of his boss and i couldnt go because i ate too much onions yesterday and my stomach protested - i know that i shouldnt eat that much onions but they tasted soooo good! so here is an honest pic of mine being ill in "homestile-no-make-up-homiepants-hairmessed-up-(but i think my boobs are looking huuuuge and great on this pic hhaha)- look hahha" great!

so i look for some movies now ...any good ideas?



Ahh, Schraffuren sind doch halb so wild, ich üb das jetzt seit ein paar Wochen.
Wie schaffst du es so saubere Arbeiten hinzukriegen? Jedes einzelne Blatt totally looks like the mess it actually is - I'm always ashamed when being compared to others. But I still have a lot of work ahead of me, I'm just about to start my second semester at university..
So, ich hab irgendwie keine Ahnung wie ich dir nun schreiben soll. Englisch, Deutsch? Your choice.
Some great movies you might haven't seen: Taxi Driver, Orphée, Szamanka, Ghost World.

By Blogger sam, at 7. März 2011 um 13:03  

I just got up to date with your postings over the past week and I was like "oh no! she's so sad" but I was glad to see you had some kind words and that you are feeling a little better now... apart from the onions that is. :P

All your work looks great (Mr .wrinkles is going to be cool) and I know you will make an amazing tattoo artist some day soon. You can count on it!

Life if full of ups and downs, but just keep yourself focused on your goal and before you know it you'll be complaining about a 'bad back' from all tattooing you are doing. Plus, i'm looking forward to driving down to Germany and getting some ink from you. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 8. März 2011 um 13:37  

hahaha nik! thank you! thank you so much! i hope it will turn out this way...but now i am concerned for my back^^ i have to do more for my back right now...tonight at the gym my back will get some muscles on haha^^

no siriously - i dont know what will happen - and yes there are always ups and downs..but i easily get to be more the bad-thoughts kinda type..wwwwwwwwe will see.

and if i am there i will send you a message to let me toture you with needles hahahaha.

but thank you again :)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 8. März 2011 um 22:28  

Wow this is a fantastic drawing! I love all the details and your pen work is amazing!

By Blogger Vanilla, at 9. März 2011 um 11:07  

I am glad my words were able to cheer you up a little bit! We all can be too harsh on ourselves sometimes.

Hahah and I know what you mean about missing bfs longer hair. Jacob just shaved his head a while ago and he totally had beautiful flowing long-ish boy hair. Not any more! :'[

By Blogger Chancey, at 10. März 2011 um 13:10  

So, your art is kind of awesome. I love it when people draw wrinkles - this is such a fabulous portrait. The line quality is fabulous.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more gorgeous art from you!

By Blogger SaraLynn, at 11. März 2011 um 20:14  

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