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Native Sheet
2010-08-25 / 13:41

the one who tells me from whom i was "inspired" on this sheet - gets a cookie! it is really obvious. but i had to try the style out!



Sandra! I would really love to buy this or a print. PLEASE!

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 25. August 2010 um 19:11  

Inspired by Tootsie Pops?

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 25. August 2010 um 19:12  

i would instantly say YES YES YES buuut i dont know where i can make prints AND afford them! they a so fucking expensive here...i think i will ask mrs. kim where she did her prints.

and nooo - you wont get a cookie. but now i have to look if i know tootsie pops^^ i am really not good with remembering names

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 26. August 2010 um 00:32  

you are an amazing artist! i love your work

ps: thanks for the comment and your input

By Blogger just random, at 26. August 2010 um 04:04  

Victor kensinger?

By Blogger Jacob Des, at 1. September 2010 um 14:13  

I don't like cookies and I have no idea anyways, but this is totally amazing.

By Blogger Fawn and Flower, at 4. September 2010 um 07:18  


By Blogger Lolo, at 13. September 2010 um 13:53  

Tiger lily from Peter Pan

By Blogger Kyle, at 2. August 2011 um 12:57  

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