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Your last Chance!
2010-08-24 / 12:50

so you wanna have those cuties?
it is an original (!!!) one of a kind lil painting in a format of a post-card in a FRAME!!
and a lil OWL-ring!!

so here are THE RULES!

1. post a link back to my blog on your blog in an own post!
use this button. copy the tag and put it into your blog-post

Sandra Valerie

2. show the link with the blog-post in your comment that you will post here for proooove!

3. write a comment here and tell me what you would wish me to draw next!

4. this whole thing will end tomorrow night! (european time - so from now on more or less than 26 hrs are left!

i will make a random blind-choice in a box with your names - so you can post here or in the older post!

beside this - hell yeah i am sick again..i dont know what happened but i am kinda ill-ish the last two weeks and now i have a big huge humongous eye which is infected. i am not sexy at all - eventhough my hottest boyfriend ever - alex - told me so to made me feel better. crazy him - but i started smiling after almost crying all night long - so he made a good job.

so couldnt draw much. i have to start drawing again. like REAL drawing or at least colorating the things i have already made.

so you will hear from me.

and i love this blog: design traveller!

he doesnt post frequently but the post which he makes are CRAZY - i love them all! like i love design!

(btw thats a church)

i think i will post some blogs i really like in the next post with pictures and stuff - so i can adore them fo' real!





hope you get well soon!! at least you have your bf near you to cheer you up!

By Blogger sara, at 25. August 2010 um 06:42  



By Blogger Pablo Muñoz de Arenillas, at 1. September 2010 um 18:48  

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