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New Layout
2010-08-27 / 05:32

as you can see i have put on some new clothes for my blog. the weather is getting cold - and i am listing to more metal again (cause yeah i am an indie/metal-girl) ... and i just am more dark-ish with colors...still have to work on some lil things like the ask me! section - cause i have to put a comment/askbox in it..and the links arent complete and ordered yet.

but i like the new design..hope anything else is working cause i am a lil bit out of practice with this whole html coding stuff. i really like the about me part. i liked it on so many other blogs so i had to make it. so we will see what happens next.

i will tell you who have won the give away on the next post - cause i havent got to it cause i was ill. i want to have a clear mind when i post important things haha^^



love the new design ;)

By Blogger Ladybastard, at 27. August 2010 um 09:25  

I like the new layout! the wolf pic is really beautiful!

and the about me section is so sweet!

By Blogger sara, at 27. August 2010 um 09:42  

I'm diggin' it for sure. Wolves! One day soon here maybe I will switch up that arachnid banner you love so much ;)
take care!

By Blogger Chancey, at 27. August 2010 um 19:04  

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