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Tattoo Gallery Exhibition
2010-07-01 / 14:33

The lionheart tattoo gallery had a lil exhibition some days ago. it was just too hot but the drawings were great! even one of alex got in this one! great! beside him there were pictures of dettmer, eckel etc. shit part of it was that the pictures we have taken were just just some to get an idea of what we enjoyed ;)

just a lil piece of a pic by marode

if you watch carefully you can see me and my lil backpiece

leib & seele tattoo / by holtz = this girl was my fav!

alex' pic! YAY

just us getting there ^^



seems to be a great exhibition ! i wanted last year to get a tattoo by eckel but since he moves at copenhague i will not come to essen haha!

and about your comment, it's exactly what my boyfriend told me!!! " wtf with her eyes???" lol

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 2. Juli 2010 um 03:50  

Thats a bad-ass set of knives! Haha

By Blogger MinusAll, at 2. Juli 2010 um 14:41  

Looks like a fun day! Those cleavers are siiick.

By Blogger Chancey, at 2. Juli 2010 um 15:25  

I love the lion!!
I really like also the shades on the coffin!

By Blogger sara, at 3. Juli 2010 um 06:30  

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