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2010-06-26 / 06:09

yeah its been a while. last week and a half i was REALLY busy. two jobs arent that fun such as i have never expected. but i need the money. shit part of it was that i was at work from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. most of the time - so i didnt even talked much to alex or did anything else.

so here you see my bear. another spot. again. i was finishing it and then at the very last moment i droped the ink - so didnt want to start over again.

not much happened exept for working and a pay rise at one of my jobs. but i have to save money for something i wanna do next year which will cost around ...a lot.^^

and some good news for my tattoo heart. i will be having a deer-tattoo by kelu in two weeks! i am really exited cause i told him i want a majestic, bad deer with laser eyes - so we will see how he will manage it! :D



your drawings are really cool!
thanks to stopping by at my blog! :) and thanks for the tutorial of some posts ago, really useful and understandable! I was searching for something like this, 'cause til now I am drawing only by guessing what I have to do ahah
I'm trying to learn to paint!

By Blogger sara, at 27. Juni 2010 um 06:11  

hey sara!
thx for the compliment!
yeah i will visit your blog again ;) and no prob. if you need any other help with drawing stuff and you think i could help - just ask!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 27. Juni 2010 um 08:59  

Very nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting me at my blog...(and I slept til noon today!)

By Blogger Sandee Rose, at 27. Juni 2010 um 15:16  

amazing! i love how you drew the salmon :)

By Blogger Mr. Spoqui, at 27. Juni 2010 um 19:55  

Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the nice compliments on my work! I love yours, such cool & beautiful designs!!

By Blogger sandybau, at 27. Juni 2010 um 22:04  

yeah! really crazy... Telepathy? ahah!

By Blogger amba, at 28. Juni 2010 um 03:29  

ah, and I forget: I think the wolf head is STUNNING!

By Blogger amba, at 28. Juni 2010 um 03:29  

(I saw your comment on our blog... and then Mr spoqui comment here... ahahah! really funny!!!)

By Blogger amba, at 28. Juni 2010 um 03:29  

shit..then i made something wrong..cause it should be a bear..T.T

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 28. Juni 2010 um 03:56  

Ohhh :0 I really thought that it was a wolf... sorry :( I don't read your text, so I made that mistake... Now I see a bear :)

by the way... a wolk hunting a salmon is more intriguing than a bear doing the same

(sorry Valerie!)

By Blogger amba, at 28. Juni 2010 um 15:59  

i wasnt mad - i thought the same when i finished it haha^^ never mind!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 29. Juni 2010 um 00:56  

some years ago I did the painting of a wolf (not good at all), and my bf's mother said: "what a beautiful horse!" ... after some time I drew a cherokee on a horse, and she said: "an indian on a COW?" ahahah

By Blogger sara, at 29. Juni 2010 um 09:03  

Ahah :D fun story... well, the salmon is a real salmon, truely

By Blogger Mr. Spoqui, at 29. Juni 2010 um 13:28  

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