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The Ghost of the Lion
2010-07-03 / 06:37

finally got time to draw again.
think i will make a serie out of this idea..hmm.

i think i am living in hell right now - cause its fucking hot here! we have almost 40° over here. i hate it really. to draw in such conditions dont really make fun..but i like how the drawing turned out.

nothin much too say. watching too many dvds.

love you all!



wonderful idea, the skull is so realistic!
it's a fierce ghost, I love it!

By Blogger sara, at 3. Juli 2010 um 06:56  

RAWR yeah^^ thank you^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 3. Juli 2010 um 07:02  

Thank you for your comment! Nice blog!

By Blogger DancingShadows, at 3. Juli 2010 um 10:19  

aww. thank you sandra! I find your circular post dates very interesting. Your blog is super cute!

By Blogger Danica Keeley, at 3. Juli 2010 um 10:29  

thaaaaaaaaank you!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 4. Juli 2010 um 11:26  

danke für den kommi :) ziehe nach gelsenkirchen hihi mit freund zusammen

By Blogger Karin, at 4. Juli 2010 um 12:12  

ahh ich seh grad essen :) hello nachbarin ;D lustig vielleicht trifft man sich ja mal hihi

By Blogger Karin, at 4. Juli 2010 um 12:38  

Thanks for coming by my blog. :)
It's great blog. I haven't seen tattoo art before. It looks good.

By Blogger Say, at 5. Juli 2010 um 12:08  

expressive drawing!

By Blogger design traveller, at 6. Juli 2010 um 13:20  

you should try all of the zodiacs. I'd be interested in that.

please help name my banjolele

By Blogger Bluebird Russian, at 8. Juli 2010 um 22:43  

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