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me the bullhead
2010-07-09 / 05:23

i was a lil bit mad today when i wanted to colorate my pig. alex is working all night long and really hard nowadays and put the tools nowhere i can find it... its not his fault - i was always mad when i used to live with my sis and she did the same thing..but if i do it - it is never my fault haha^^ *sigh*... he is really working hard but when i wanna practice without the right equiptment - i am a lil bit pissed... i am such a bullhead...but soooo it didnt worked out as clean as i wanted it cause i didnt have bigger brushes :/



I understand you, those days I am so irritable due to my headaches (I can't think about anything else), and I am mad even over little things, I constantly fight with my bf even if he doesn't deserve it :(

but it will pass :)

btw your pig is really cool! I love his cheek!

By Blogger sara, at 9. Juli 2010 um 10:11  

haha it is just like that! if i dont have eaten enough then nobody could cross my way without me having yelling at them hahaha^^ am am so sorry for that! we are two lil tiny bitchy girls sometimes arent we... but nobody's perfect :D

and thank you!! didnt expect compliments on this one^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 9. Juli 2010 um 10:53  

hab die farben algemein etwas geändert und ja die augen kamen gut raus :) :) :)

By Blogger s., at 10. Juli 2010 um 07:20  

Beatiful pig :D

By Blogger Alandroide, at 11. Juli 2010 um 11:42  

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