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I'm a Wrestler...not!
2010-07-11 / 15:23

it was just too hot today for doing anything. so we stayed at home ordered some pizza & pasta & salad - and just do what other couples would do if they are alone...they WRESTLE!

in the one corner: alex the lion - in the other corner:sandra the squirrel
guess who won?

humm after this alex was busy with drawing and i did proudly - nothing besides watching too much youtube^^ had a rough working week so i think i earned to do nothing^^

hope you had a nice weekend! and dont forget to wrestle with your boy-/girl-friends^^



ahah you cracked me out

I wrestle with my boyfriend too, but once I got carried away and jumped on him, I am not light weighted, so I hurted his ribs ahah

he is a boxer, and he could win every time, but he let me play most of the times, and move gently to never hurt me (even if I don't do the same eheh)

By Blogger sara, at 12. Juli 2010 um 08:20  

Yey! We also wrestle! It's so fun we're quite even so that makes it a little bit more challenging. =)

By Blogger Sandy De Luxe, at 24. August 2010 um 06:42  

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