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2010-07-17 / 08:19

hey folks! hope you are fine - wasnt lazy - had to deal with "real" things in the "real" having 2 jobs...and no other life beside this ha! i didnt get to draw much cause my worktime is from 9a.m. til 11p.m. sooo i have only this tiny squaw for you. i am planning to make a native-amaerica small flash here you can see a lil part of it. i want it to be "overstuffed" with too much of things..but we will see if i can handle it without having time. next week wont be that busy so i hope to get to draw more :)

so i have not much to say. i am busy - feeling kinda lonely but dont want anybody around me - except for alex - cause i enjoy the silent after work. there is too much hectic and noises over there.

one great thing will be tomorrow! we will go to the cinema after alex picked me up from work and watch the new twilight movie! i love twilight! alex is still sceptic - but he goes with me cause he loves me hahaha^^

so guys & girls!
see y'all.

kisses sandra



She's cute! I need to get a little something done for my native heritage one day.

Suprisingly I really enjoyed Eclipse. I was a bit of a Twilight skeptic... maybe a bit turned off by the hype. I'm pretty sure my bf even liked it (though I didn't tell you that haha)

Have fun!

By Blogger Chancey, at 17. Juli 2010 um 12:10  

yay like it! i'm looking forward to see what next with this sketch!

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 18. Juli 2010 um 08:16  

I love all native american related things!
I'm looking forward for your flash sheet too!

I didn't like any of those vampire films ahah

By Blogger sara, at 21. Juli 2010 um 04:13  

you DIDNT like them? uhhhuu T.T i read the books and i think they have made a really good job with filming those! crazy!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 21. Juli 2010 um 04:56  

Now that's true love,going to see Eclipse is a sight he really cares....or he secretly LOVES it. :P

By Blogger MinusAll, at 22. Juli 2010 um 06:03  

What a beautiful indian! And Eclipse was the first movie out of all the twilight series I saw, but don't worry I understood all of it because my friend explained it along the way. I must admit, it was pretty good.

And thanks for following my blog! :)

By Blogger Briana, at 23. Juli 2010 um 19:12  

I wish I could see the finish product of this. I would want to buy a print. Thanks for the pen pal comment and being honest. If you still are interested I will take my chances. I'll have to keep you excited about writing me. lol

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 5. August 2010 um 10:38  

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