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Flash-Splits & London Tattoo Convention 2010
2010-07-24 / 12:43

hey folks!
my lovely - handsome - superWOWtalented (he will hate me for this description) boyfriend did this flash-split with the also supertalented brad T. ! i think they have done a great job :D he is planning to do more splits with other artists - and hopefully (soon to be good) friends!

sooo havent been here for a while. just have to say that i only have to "really" work once next week (that means i only have to make ONE job and not two - cause this week was just tooooo busy) - so i can start drawing again. alex' said he will make a split with me too- but i have to start - and he knows i am kinda lazy with the shades - but this time he will make big eyes! haha!

we decided to go to the LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION 2010 this we did last year haha. it will cost a lil bit of money but its worth it - and i hope to get a new tattoo! i would love to get some old-skool tattoo stuff or one piece of valerie vargas - couldnt get one last year cause i was just to late - but i will buy an advanced ticket to get earlier in ther uhuu..for me its sure to get there - alex doesnt know yet cause of work and stuff...but i hope HOPE hope that he will have time for 3 days :D it would be on his birthday - and i think it would be a great birthdaypresent for him. last year was just amazing! and 2 weeks before that i will turn 22 - so i will get even more money to spend muahahahah :D that will be great.

and eclipse was SO great!* i just LOVE the movies. sry - i am clichee (call me stupid and annoying and "uhh another kiddy who likes this twilight drama commercial stuff) - but i read all the books and i just love kristen steward and robert as a couple they are just RAWR - i always think RAWR when i see them two together. its like looking at ppl who have found their other half and are just happy with eachother - in the movie - yeah^^. i love to watch couple who love eachother - like my mom and dad! they are like teenagers and i love to watch them acting like that :D

i hope you are all happy and in love - i love being in love - i love my boy :DDD

i am out!

*btw - yeah - i am a huge movie/book fanatic - i was dissapointed by karate kid - i like the old first one most - wax on wax off!



wow that flash is so cool!
and I love valerie vargas' style too! have fun at the convention!!

By Blogger sara, at 25. Juli 2010 um 00:34  

I love the poster for the convention!

By Blogger Little Eden, at 25. Juli 2010 um 02:03  

Valerie Vargas!!! lucky you!
what are you planning to get tattooed by her?

I wish i could go one day to this convention! have fun !

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 25. Juli 2010 um 19:00  

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