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2010-06-06 / 10:31

here it is! my pig! used some new tools (thats because mr. pig has a spot on his ear..i droped some ink - and had no paper left to start over)

so yesterday was my first real day of working on my second job - now we have almost that much money as we had when i was a student and alex was working in the munich-feierwerk (some kind of concert-area)...its crazy that i had more money as a student than as a girl with diploma..but this will change if i am out of my probation period at my web-design job... but i have thought about what will happen if i really have the opportunity to get an apprenticeship... it will be really tough but i would be happy..i think..but i will see what happens when the time is there..cause the competition out there is huge! its crazy how many ppl want to be an tattoo-artist. its sad that not much of them are really talented or dont have the discipline or even dont have both - but those who are - are real competition. this world seems like a real big family to me and at the same time you always have to be the best that you can be! oh i am so excited!



he's so cute!!! remains me babe ;)

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 6. Juni 2010 um 13:37  

Oh! I love your style and the ink drop is very in place. You have a really nice blog that made me smile. Feel free to stop by and where have you got this amazingly aesthetic blogspot tamplate, is it your creation?
Lol SnackaPeek

By Blogger Snackapeek., at 7. Juni 2010 um 11:27  

wunderschönen blog den du da hast!

By Blogger s., at 6. Juli 2010 um 05:16  

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