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2010-06-07 / 11:44

yes thats the motto i think... i am still experimenting with the tools i have stolen from my boyfriend. but bad for me that i've got the wrong feather to draw..or my luck! the lines are GIANTICAL HUGE BIG WOAHOOOOOOOOO EXTREME ...i dont know what to think about this experiment - but its cool and exciting to try new stuff! i think i will ad something in the top - maybe a crown again?? dont know yet..we will see. its just a lil piece of practice done in less than an hour ;)

alex drew a very cool ship yesterday. i hope he'll post it on his blog! have to kick him in his sweet lil ass to post more of his great stuff!

see you soon! and thx for reading my blog! love your comments!
thank you a lot!



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By Blogger Bluebird Russian, at 8. Juni 2010 um 19:30 did well not to get any 'inky' smudges all over it. If I was to try it would end up looking like a Rawshack test! :P

By Blogger MinusAll, at 9. Juni 2010 um 02:41  

RAWSHACK!haha......have you already seen watchmen? RAWWWSHACK... i want such a voice!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 9. Juni 2010 um 04:07  

Hey doll, thanks for the comment on my blog! Your drawings are rad..really solid outlines for what I'm sure would make really nice tattoos! Thanks for popping by!


By Blogger laura may, at 9. Juni 2010 um 15:37  

beautiful! saludos

By Blogger amba, at 9. Juni 2010 um 18:56  

LOVE your blog!!!!! <3

By Blogger mrs.adrienneK, at 11. Juni 2010 um 10:28  

I love your work!!!

By Blogger StelaOne, at 12. Juni 2010 um 11:11  

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