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Oh So Random...!
2010-06-10 / 11:23

here you can see my beautiful underarm (my own drawing tattooed by dave bryant) - but why that? alex' spends the afternoon at the shop learning something from marc alter he's a every-now-and-then-guest-tattoo-artist at the lion heart tattoo gallery(kinda funny - cause i knew him some yrs ago when sarah got tattooed and he got kinda mad then cause i talked too much...but thats long time ago - and yesterday we spent some hours at the shop and it was VERY MUCH fun to talk with him or just listen to real men talk haha) and that happens when i am alone at home. feeling a lil bit lonely but thats it when you are kinda new in town - dont know anybody and only live for work and drawing *sigh* ...but anyway - i am not a girl of whining - so i finally got the chance to make shades on one of my lines. remember this lil piece?

i try to get some colors on but maybe i leave it b/w...

aaah i have seen the saddest movie ever! ok not ever - but it is one of the saddest movies of this year that i have seen.

i didnt want to see the movie before - and i really thought "oh yeah robert - the vampire guy is doing another love-romantic-awww-movie"..and then i saw that movie!!!! its so great - and at the very beginning i still thought it would be just another romance - but you have to watch the end! its so SO so SO sad- without the end you wont get how AMAZING this movie is! i really cried like 15 minutes after this movie! and dont get me wrong. i admit - i LOVE twilight - but i really thought he could only play the vampire guy -but i have to tell you - YES HE CAN ACT ...woahooo.. .

so peace out - i am watching germanys next top model - muahaha - im "SO" excited who will win.

thx a lot for reading this or just look at thos pictures - i hope i can entertain you a lil bit! :D
if you know any good blogs - tell me! i love to read great blogs but the day's just to short to find them all :(

seee yoooouu



I was looking at some of your drawings and you are very talented!! I would love a tattoo by you your stuff is amazing!

By Blogger Chareese Lee, at 10. Juni 2010 um 16:52  

yeeeee i love marc alter's painting! it's amazing!

am i seeing a sugar skull on your arm? <3
seems to be great! are you planning to add some colors? :)

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 10. Juni 2010 um 18:26  

@ chareese
aaahw chareese you are one of the first to say that! that makes me even more happy - and now i will work even harder. its great to hear that someone would like to have a tattoo from me haha^^

yeah marc is GREAT..and girl - he really can draw! and yes its a sugar skull and dunno yet. i am kinda worried about colors on my skin - cause i am half african/german - so i am darker...have a lil backpiece too which are also only lines..have to think about. cause its really sweet like this - and i dont wanna mess it up with colors! have a bow on the other arm - which is blue und the colors disappeared nearly completely :/

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 10. Juni 2010 um 21:20  

i saw the movie when it first came out and the ending shocked me. I saw it twice and cried both times.

good movie despite the tragedy.

By Blogger Bluebird Russian, at 11. Juni 2010 um 09:13  

the tatto looks pretty cool! saludos

By Blogger amba, at 11. Juni 2010 um 10:00  

and Sandra, one day I tried to ride one of these small bicycles, and I concluded that it is very difficult! (thank you for your comment on monday art!)

By Blogger amba, at 11. Juni 2010 um 10:01  

not despite! this tragedy makes the whole movie ..dont let me think about it i think i am gonna cry again :(

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 11. Juni 2010 um 23:48  

hallo hallo!
hättest du vielleicht lust mir was für mein neues tattoo zu zeichnen?
meld dich einfach über meinen blog, am besten mit email oder facebookprofil oder so.
liebst, celain

By Blogger celain, at 12. Juni 2010 um 04:10  

i really want to see that movie! and that's a beautiful tattoo.

By Blogger peppermint*tea, at 13. Juni 2010 um 22:00  

I loved this movie. I heard that a lot of people didn't like the ending because it was too abrupt and unexpected.

um duh! Did you even watch the movie? That was what it was all about!

some people just have horrible taste in movies...

By Blogger Ashley, at 15. Juni 2010 um 22:53  

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