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Maya Princess
2010-06-03 / 10:37

i really wanted to draw a girl again. havent drawn humans for a while but i think its ok for not practicing humans.

cant really post every day anymore - because ive got a second job - but i have done some sketches allready - a pig and a peacock. just have to draw some roses or other flowers for them - maybe not for the pig - but for the peacock.

not much to say. uhhh - of course i have something to say!

we watched robin hood yesterday! with russell crowe - i am not in love with him after this movie - like i was with jake gillenhall after prince of persia and mickey rourke after iron man 2 (i think even alex' was in love with them - so i had his permission) - but i really loved the movie robin hood. i wanted to be a smelly man who fights for his confidence! have a good looking wife and just do real honest work - and being a thief - i dont know why the movie got that bad critics! it was so funny - and breathtaking and *sigh*..great!... and i saw that funniest movie in the ads/trailers before!


cheers :D



so beautiful! you draw amazing.

By Blogger peppermint*tea, at 4. Juni 2010 um 10:47  

thaaaank you!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 4. Juni 2010 um 11:15  

i love your blog, and your drawings are great :) glad i found ya!

By Blogger CupKay, at 5. Juni 2010 um 07:23  

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