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A lil Line-Tutorial
2010-05-30 / 10:32

so my dear friend igor asked me how i manage to draw my stuff or how i even start with my drawings. so i show it here now on the wip step by step - with really bad photographs - how i made the parrot and how i work in general. some ppl dont wanna show how they do it - but there are so many tutorials out there and this is really basic stuff - so i dont think i give you any big secrets of mine how i start my drawings.

first of all - i do use references from the internet - photographs from real animals or stuff like that - i cant draw that good by heart - even alfons mucha did use refrences so it is not cheating my beloved friends! but YES it is cheating if you COPY drawings of other artists and say you have done it!!!

so here we start!

1/2. choose your tools carefully - my best tool ive ever bought was my light-table on ebay for only 100 euros / 90 usd !!

this thing usually cost around 3000-7000 euros!!!!
i am a lucky girl

but besides this you have to figure out which tools would fit you. for example: i use brushes between the sizes 2 - 8 and my boyfriend uses brushes between 8 - to as big he can get haha ^^ but i have to admit - the bigger ones are sometimes better for shades!

and then you start fo' real.

1. make a ruff sketch

my sketches a really really basic
its just to fix the idea - nobody else but you have to know
what should it mean - it dont have to look "right"

2. start to add more details

for this use transparent paper
you can get it in differrent strength
you can just draw with your ruff sketch under it - so its a great orientation
its see through so you dont really need to use a light-table on this step
(if you dont have enough money for something like this use your window + daylight or some glas and a normal light under it! i have done this for years before!)

3. more details!!!

take another sheet of transparent-paper and get rid of your mistakes you made or just make your lines more defined - but do this step just for the clean work!
you still see some mistakes on the wing - after this step i take another sheet of t-paper and make the lines clear with a black pen!

4. add some other stuff

if you are planning to add some other stuff on your drawing just draw it on another t-paper
if you make it on another paper you can push it around to find the ideal place without using rubber
5. composition / put it together

here you can push your stuff around to have a great composition - in this example it meant that i had the opportunity to push my roses around
6. another sheet!

make your final lines - add stuff up if you want (like i added the leaves) this is not really necessary but if you want to have clear oriantation - do it! and it doesnt take that much time if you have done this a couple of times!
7. finally

now it would be helpful to have a light-table - if you have not - then get some glass from somewhere put are desk- or any other lamp under it and then copy your lines through it (put the t-paper underneath it - put your watercolor paper on it and then start) - then you are finished with the lines

i hope you enjoyed it!




thanx for sharing this! it was really interesting!
so lucky to have this light table but i found an alternative with a really cheap desk at ikea!

i think i'm the most laziest girl in the world because i'm drawing only two steps of this!

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 30. Mai 2010 um 11:43  

yeah we bought this desk too for 80 euros or somethings with this 2 footers for it..but its not compareable with the lighttable..

hmm..if you are good with 2 steps thats fine! i just like to push stuff around the paper until i like the composition ;)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 30. Mai 2010 um 12:10  

thank you for the comment in my blog ^_^ I like your designs ^___^

By Blogger Donkuri, at 31. Mai 2010 um 03:32  

I have no luck with those, I'm dump at drawing.
Needs talent, I guess which I don't have...!:p

By Blogger Dora, at 31. Mai 2010 um 06:26  

thats kinda need to have an eye for certain things - and practice practice practice. those skills dont come over night ;)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 31. Mai 2010 um 07:26  

As a Designer I love see the 'process' and how people work, so this was ace! Sometimes the journey is better than the destination... :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 31. Mai 2010 um 14:56  

wanna say that my work isnt good huh?? ;) no just kidding - i know what you mean! i'd love to see how you make lego - at one step i couldnt even imagine how this lil monsters are created!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 31. Mai 2010 um 23:04  

this is so so so wonderful. your work is gorgeous. very inspiring

By OpenID lidraughn, at 2. Juni 2010 um 01:50  

You are incredibly talented. I'm always looking for great art for tattoos and I love what you've done. Whenever I trace, I use an old clear drawer and my desk lamp. But I should invest in a light table because thats so nice!

By Blogger Bluebird Russian, at 4. Juni 2010 um 22:02  

oh thank you! a lot! yes invest in a light table - or do you have something like a joiner? they do this for less money! but they are rare nowadays :/

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 4. Juni 2010 um 23:53  

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