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2010-05-28 / 10:16

i finally got time to put on some pictures on our walls. we have really tall walls - so there are still very much of empty place... but you have to start so i have started!

here the fullest wall yet with some pictures of us
and some drawings from alex & me

the anchor is the latest little work from alex
which found his home here and not at
the lion heart tattoo gallery
(cause all his other flashs are at the store now and i cant put them on our walls :/)

in the white frame you can see my dad
when he was around 23 yrs old - wasnt he cute ?

after this i put on some old drawings of mine
i wouldnt draw it like this now - especially the skull
but i still like the composing of the pictures

and then i saw my favourite picture i draw yet.
i love the lines - i have it colorated too - but
1. i dont really like it colorated
2. i cant find it haha
so still dont know where to put it

by the way - this is a lil part of our little collection
of drawing tools haha always a mess :D

aaaaah still toooo much space!!!
(and say hello to pico bello on my desk (my ape!))



I really like the B&W line drawing, there is just something so nice about the strong contrasts...great job. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 30. Mai 2010 um 06:13  

thank you a lot!

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 30. Mai 2010 um 12:16  

omg, i just fell in love with the drawing.
it's simply beautiful

By Blogger lil-Yoda, at 10. Juni 2010 um 15:13  

the drawing is stunning,
and I don't want to see it coloured cause I think that will destroy it's simple beauty.

By Blogger M, at 11. Juni 2010 um 03:49  

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