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Very Colorful!
2010-05-20 / 10:24

i have added the leaves by freehand - think they look pretty great for that ;)
haha and the colors were reeeeeally fun! i wanted to take a chance for it - have to practice more but for the first time with this kinda coloring - i think i went pretty good.

beside this: we will watch prince of persia! i am soooo excited!!!
alex surprised me today with a phonecall and he said that we will trafvel to berlin this weekend! so great! i am so happy right now! :) we talked about it quite often and now suddendly - we will travel there again! our last trip to berlin was as short as the next will be...only 2 days - but i love to travel - even more if its for (nearly) free. alex' boss has something to do with it but i havent understand it really...anyway! i love berlin. i used to live ther for 2 years when i was in third grade at school - a lil pumpkin - but i loved the city and i still do. my parents have a flat over there - but ppl live in it - if it wasnt so i would be more often over there. the city is full of creativty and has everything i expect for a city. art, a nightlife, culture, good food, nice and strange ppl - i just love it! great architecture! ah i am so so so happy :D i do love my boyfriend haha :)



yup this design seems so cool! :p

By Blogger Dora, at 20. Mai 2010 um 13:18  

oh!hey dora! thank you :)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 20. Mai 2010 um 23:06  

looks fantastic!

By Blogger jillfaye, at 22. Mai 2010 um 10:50  

hey thanx!
argh i don't know why it didn't show up correctly?!?!

that's some nice colors you choose for the roses! well done!

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 23. Mai 2010 um 14:33  

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