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2010-05-19 / 00:31

we didnt draw yesterday cause alex was working hard on the lion heart tattoo gallery basement to renovate it and i had a rush in ikea & at the supermarket. i bought too much - but stuff we a pan, bowls,a HAND MIXER! some black cups - i love black muahaahaha! our flat isnt really colorful except for the pictures on the walls ^^ so we both came home late and i cleaned up the kitchen to make a mess again. i made cheese-cake-brownies YAY (for the recipe just scroll down)! while alex were updating his blog!

me likes chocolate ^.^
cream cheese!
16 slices :)
we still got some - alex took some to work today :)

we ate a veggi-strudel which alex was working on while i was making brownies around 10 p.m. quite late for me - i usually eat at six - so i had some bellyache this morning - and before that we ate the brownies..we usually eat sweet stuff before eating the "real" meal. our moms would go crazy haha!

so here is the recipe for the cheese-cake-brownies!

100 g chocolate
60 g butter

130 g sugar
2 eggs

75 g chocolate - chips
110 g flour
1/8 teaspoon salt

200g cream cheese or low-fat-quark (i prefer the low-fat-quark - its fresher)
75 g sugar
1 egg-yolk

how to make it:
pre-heat your oven: 180°

chocolate dough:
1. melt chocolate + butter = mix it up
2. mix sugar + eggs and mix it with the chocolate+butter
3. in a seperate bowl: mix flour+chocolatechips+salt and add it to 2.
4. put it on baking-paper like on my picture

1. mix cream-chesse+sugar+1egg yolk
2. put this mix in top of the chocolate dough take a fork and just go through it.

bake it for 30 - 40 min
take it out and let it cool down for 15-20 minutes and then cut it in slices

done :)



Oh my gosh these look deliciousss. I don't think I could make them though, I would eat them all. Really.

I'll just look at your pictures and dream haha! <3

By Blogger Sarah, at 24. Mai 2010 um 08:46  

Yum yum yum, these cookies look DELICIOUS. <3

By Blogger Sarah, at 24. Mai 2010 um 08:51  

they are really easy to do! you should try them! :) or come and visit then i do them for you ;)

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 24. Mai 2010 um 11:24  

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