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"Snow White and the Huntsman" Trailer!
2011-11-17 / 07:13

Hello Friends! i am really looking forward to the movie "snow white and the huntsman"! i never thought that the movie could be THAT awesome - really the trailer promises that snow white and the huntsman movie could be like one of my favourites in 2011 (next to Thor, the other woman, HANNA (!), the tree of life, melancholia (!), harry potter (yes i really liked the last movie a lot!), the help, immortals, and so on (an wahooo only some days left and then breaking dawn will be there muahahahaha - yes i love the twilight saga YES)) ...but back to snow white and the huntsman ! ahw i just shut up and let you watch the trailer - tell me if you will watch it!

cheers sandra

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Yeah, i see the trailer yesterday and i love it. But i dislike Kristen Stewart >_>
Hope the movie is good (Y)

By Blogger Tricia Pancake, at 17. November 2011 um 21:51  

It looks so good!!!
I can't wait to see it either.

By Blogger Lolo, at 21. November 2011 um 08:35  

Hey, das sieht vielversprechend aus. Toller Trailer!

By Blogger Karen, at 22. November 2011 um 11:22  

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