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2011-06-11 / 07:38

ppl gave me the advise when i start a drawing to complete it at once - but i just figured out that this just doesnt work for me. i have to have like up to 6 or more lines for diffrent drawings done before i start shading them all at once. shadings are...not easyer but its a step on finishing drawings where i can easily switch between pics. i like to switch cause sometimes i am stuck on one and have to think of it - then i just can take another and make the easy shades. so everyone has has his own rhythm i think :)

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sind die zeichnungen von dir ?
mag ich total, der stil ist toll :)

By Blogger Benjamine, at 11. Juni 2011 um 10:30  

Love your work!! just amazing! congrats:)

By Blogger Leni, at 12. Juni 2011 um 05:47  

Creepy... sexy... crexpy... I don't know what to think?! :P

By Blogger MinusAll, at 16. Juni 2011 um 06:08  

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