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off to munich :D
2011-04-29 / 04:41

so tomorrow will be the big wedding of the best friend of my boyfriend (i have told you about that in a last post ;)). and i am adding some vacations on my own for a week in my hometown. i leave today yesshhh...weeelll i wont be the whole week in munich. i will travel to insbruck. never been there - it is in austria - and one of my dearest friends patrick (i call him patpat) lives there and i promised him years ago that i will visit him (eventhough he works an a flashy design shop in munich every weekend *sigh) so i will put my cute budd into the car and drive the whole hour way down to him hahaha.

i am just looking forward to see my special ppl again. and i hope everything will work out cause - the last time i went to munich i havnt seen a single soul of my friends. this time there will be a lil bit quality time for my niece cause she will be turning 16 on the 7th of may and a lil for my parents - but most of my time i hope spending with my friends :D (alex has to leave on monday - cause he has and wants to work - but nevermind my friends will be there :DD)

(if you cant read my handwriting: Domi, Vero, Patpat, Bettina, Igor, Marlena, (the fatty babies:) Attila, Adrian)

i havnt seen some of them for yrs and just got in touch to them again through facebook - eventhough i am not THAT active on facebook (what doesnt mean that i dont visit the site like every time i am surfing on the interwebz) - but i am really looking forward to see like bettina again who i havent spoke to since i was 18 i holy moly for 4 yrs now O.O so thank you facebook - i hope i will find old friends (or theyll find me) - cause man i am really happy to see them again.

the past days my lovely sister was here in duesseldorf to visit me - and we watched the musical wicked.

it was just WOW. i loved it and i still have the music in my ears... and it was great to go there with my sister. i love her and i already miss her cause she will leave europe to live in the USA... i dont like the idea - cause IIII know i will never live in the usa - i am a really REALLY european girl...but there are planes and i love to travel..

so we will see what will happen next. i forgot my camera - but i will borrow one from my dad. oh i am so happy to see my dad again too! so we can play squash again YESH! and my mommy who is just my mommy and i love her and want to hear her voice who never stops talking hahaha^^

i am just very happy :D



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