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2011-03-13 / 05:45

...first of all - no i am not getting married. not now maybe not ever cause i dont want to get divorced. i see my parents who are happy together and many other ppl who are happy together - but i think at my age - i dont want to marry. i would like to have kids and living happy every after is just - i would only marry if i would be like 7 yrs or more with a guy and we would have to be still in love like we are now.

so why this marriage thoughts? alex got a friend who will get married soon - and he is only 23 yrs old. the thing is - he is really really into religion and he is catholic - so you know what that means with his girl. no getting to THAT point before here is the thing - you have been togehter for 4 yrs now, never had weekends where you have only done this one thing what loved couple do when they are in love with barely eating or drinking for two days, you have never got that intimate and then you decide to marry the other one - you truely love but then i am asking - why marry now? ok they ARE together for 4 yrs - and it shouldnt be my business but i am just thinking... my sister is 23 yrs old and she is know i dont want to be mean...a lil bit "childish". she is still studying and doesnt earn her own money neither does alex' friend nore his soon to be wife. they dont know what pressure it is of living together (cause nooo they dont live together) handling money, get in fights and cant have some other flat to hide somewhere. i mean it could work out - i dont know the bride at all and alex' friend is such a nice guy - eventhough i dont understand how he can be THAT religious... but thats just my oppinion and everyone is free to believe what they want.

so whats the right age to get married? if i get married some day i would like to spent some money on my wedding you know? dont have a HUUUGE wedding but a good one where i can give everyone a good feeling - and can you do this when you are that young? i hope it will work out! i love everything that is involved with love - so marriage is one thing plus of it. but isnt it too early? mom only was 25 yrs when she married my dad...but my mom had already managed to keep her whole family (which consist of 6 silbings and her mother) up there with food and just made money for them eventhough she were a girl from the ghetto from africa - but she was mature - you know what i mean? why marrying someone without living together first? isnt there a step missed? oookay maybe they want finally get under those bed sheets together but then there is the question - would they make babies like..right now?

birthcontrol is nothing for catholics and sex only a thing to make babies - if you really think in the traditional way (i was raised REALLY oldschool catholic i know what i am talking about..eventhough they church doesnt judge condoms anymore because of the STDs).... would you like to have babies NOW? i couldnt imagine to just drop all my freedom - sleeping and just this kind of fun i have right now. if i want to go the cinema right now - i would get my shoes some money and get to see that movie i want - you cant do that if you are a mom or dad. and this lil person has needs like food and clothing and and and. i mean i really want to have kids - but maybe when i am in my 30ies not now...and even 30 is nowadays very young. my brother is 33 yrs old and is a daddy for a year now - he is doing a good job but i also have another brother who is 35 yrs old his oldes kid is 15 and he has to admit that he wasnt a good dad in the past just because he couldnt do anything and he was just too wild and loved his freedom..

dont get me wrong really not at all. but i am just concerned about something like this. it make me feel old - i wasnt expecting invetations of our friends in that topic THAT soon. i thought the whole marriage thing - those parties will be there in 5-10 yrs or even more yrs and not now not that soon. i know that many of my friends start to get engaged right now - but somehow they dont take it that serious. some of them even broke up already so i thought those gossip would be in my ears for 3-5 yrs now not wedding plans...

maybe i should see it in the romantic way. they found each other - they love eachother - so why not? ...but come on - can you marry someone you never had sex with? maybe thats all to personal. and it shouldnt be of my business *sigh* and yeah your partner should be your best friend with giggleing and jokes and huging and kisses but there should also be some chemistry some sexual thense there I THINK. cause if not - its just my best friend - and i have a best friend - i make jokes with him and i hug hiim and stuff like that but i could NEVER imagine to have sex with him and i think neither does he. not because we are not looking good or not RAWR enough - just because there is nothing going on and i couldnt be cute around him and say things i say to alex... so aaargh it is theirthing so i shut up now.

but ppl - what do i give for a present to their wedding? they dont have a list - would be money okay? 100? 200? 300? bucks? i doooont know stuff like this! i only went to weddings of my brothers friends and there i just had to sit there eat a lot of stuff and had to have fun.. uhh things are getting complicated as soon as i am getting older ^^



Money is always appreciated. (;
Und ich würd mich stark wundern, wenn ich LehrerIN werden würde, da müsste ich mich doch noch etwas umoperieren lassen. Ist das so abwegig, dass man als Mann Kunst studiert? Haha.
Ich komm soweit ganz gut mit Jugendlichen klar, hab da schon ziemlich Bock zu. Vor allem sicherer als in der freien Wirtschaft.

By Blogger sam, at 13. März 2011 um 09:15  

Danke dirrrr! :>

By Blogger littleLamb☺, at 14. März 2011 um 04:28  

i don't think age has much to do with it to be honest. I'm married and I'm only 21.. I've been living on my own working full time and going to school since I was 15. Because of this I have obviously grown up pretty quickly, and find myself more mature then other 21 year olds. I think it is totally person dependent on whether or not you're ready.

By Blogger hello deer!, at 14. März 2011 um 21:51  

yeah thats it! but you know - this guy never earned money - never had to pay bills, never had sex, never had any responsabilty...AND he never lived with his girlfriend before - i think it is crazy to marry somebody you only see 3 times a week and dont know it they leave the door open or not when the go to the toilet or if you dont know if they are messy or just boring all day long..if you ARE marture there is no problem i think but i think with all the catholic background and no touchy stuff with the girlfriend he just has some "pressure"

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 15. März 2011 um 02:09  

I totally agree! it's my own personal belief that you should live together first, but i'm not religious. I was raised catholic but VERY clearly don't practice haha. It doesn't sound like they have the life experience to know what goes into a marriage.

By Blogger hello deer!, at 15. März 2011 um 09:12  

When we got married we asked our friends to donate money to Cancer research instead of buying us gifts. Maybe you can make a donation to Japan in their name? :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 21. März 2011 um 12:41  

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