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2011-01-07 / 08:55

i found a flat today!!!! it is absolutly awesome!!!! oh i fell in love in the second i saw the door and the house. shitty me i hadnt my cam with me but here you can see what google streetview says how it looks like:

this yellow beauty will be my home in ..omg! 3 weeks!! the ceiling hight in the rooms are REALLY REALLY high. i love this flat and the bathroom is so so so big with a bathtub AND a shower O.O. it is so GREAT! and the best thing is: i can afford it!!! hahahahhahaha :D

so i hope AFTER moving ´that i'll have time to blog again and follow more blogs (and drawing - i miss drawing a lot..i even cried cause i didnt found the time to draw my day was like: work, workout, flat-search/viewing, eat, talking and cuddling with alex for an hour and then sleep). i miss this a lot and i miss the ppl i only can stay in touch via internet <3 so we will see what happens next. i hope the contract will be better than on the last flats but i am even happier now that the other flats didnt work out so i could find this lil baby. hahaha and i can offer couchsurfing again oh i am SO happy:D i loved couchsurfing for yrs and loved to have ppl from all over the world at my place - so i hope this will be back in my life again :D

so what could i ask more? i have a great job, (i will have ) a great flat, a great town to live in, a great boyfriend, a great family, great friends - everything is just PERFECT^^

and did i mentioned that i signed up at a gym? so i am feeling very powerful the last days - oh i love life :D

hope you are doing just fiiine!



I´m so happy for you!!! :)And the house!! OMG! It looks fantastic!! <3 Hope you enjoy living in there. PS. Your Christmas card (+present) is kinda late because I screwed it up :D But don´t worry, I´ll send it to you! ^^

By Blogger Nonna, at 7. Januar 2011 um 10:46  

Yay! Well done, looks great. Cant wait to see some house warming pics. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 7. Januar 2011 um 13:06  

hahah housewarming i dont have any friends in duesseldorf! but there will be definitely pics of the new home yesshhh

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 8. Januar 2011 um 11:49  

and johanna - dont worry i am not mad at all if you send me a card its ok if not itis also fine - i am happy that you have spend some thoughts on me :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 8. Januar 2011 um 11:50  

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