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bad twin step 1
2011-01-09 / 13:48

sry for the blurry picture - but i am just too lazy and tired to do a proper pic .-.
i have started on the hair today on my baaad ass twin - and now that i see it i see that i forgot the collar - i have to add this..without shadings my bad twin doesnt even looks evil..but she will - i promise hahaha..she only needs some make on - black lipstick and stuff and shadows arrrhahaahha ...but never mind she isnt done yet right? but i am REALLY happy that i found the time to draw again!... eventhough i thought i have to die after that cause i stood up to fast and everything turned black and my heart was going very fast..anyway i survived and i hope i will do the next step during the week :)




By Blogger Little Eden, at 10. Januar 2011 um 00:34  

Thanks for your comment my dear!! :)
Your drawings are crazy awesome!

By Blogger Karima Illustration, at 31. Mai 2011 um 08:21  

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