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2010-12-11 / 03:21

i found the time to draw a lil bit again. so here you can see my new project i started today. i hope that i will make the lines done today. we will see. they are twins - the pure/good and the evil muahaha..i love to draw clichés dont be worried about the lips of the evil girl..right now she looks kinda like she has "the crow" lips..but i will work that out - those are not the final lines right?

so here i am again. its been a while. but i was really busy with finding a flat - the sad thing is - i still didnt find a flat that i really want. i liked two - but there was around 20-30 intrested ppl on those and owners of flats dont like to hear that you have a boyfriend and you are not married and that he is an tatttoo-apprentice i think. and most of the owners dont know what "web-designer" even means. then i say - i am somekind of art director and they think "uhh an artist - they dont make money" and even if you give them my salary statement they think thats not my regular income. and sometimes i even think they are just racists.. *sigh* but never mind. i will continue to search. haha - i had a really good conversation on moving to duesseldorf with a friend of mine. he said: "but duesseldorf is full of snops" i answered: "come on i grew up in munich" he:"yeah right...i forgot" XD

beside this there is not much to say. or a lot more - but i am just to tired to write more - my head is full of things - and the next thing i really really have to do is to clean our flat. it looks like a REAL MESS right now. clothes are everywhere - and i have to finally clean the dishes - they are all over the kitchen >.<

oh my sister will come on the 19th and we will travel to munich (my hometown) for christmas on the same day - i am SO HAPPY! and everyone will be there. i love my family so soooo much! you cant even imagine how happy i am to see them again!

hope you were all doing fine!
now i have to look through a lot of blogs to get up to date again :D

love you all!
and thanks for keep visiting me eventhough i didnt post much.



I'm doing the same thing for Christmas! My sister is coming to hang out with me for awhile and then I'm going to my home town for the first time in years! I'm so excited :)

Good luck with your flat search! Find something you love, and don't let assholes get you down!

By Blogger Elyse ♥, at 11. Dezember 2010 um 13:29  

danke :) hehe dann ist es genau gut! ich wollte ein ganz weiches und sanftes design haben :)

die zeichnung ist cool!

By Blogger Sonja, at 11. Dezember 2010 um 14:17  

Drawings look great....they always do. Good luck with the flat hunt, i'm sure you find the right place in the end. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 12. Dezember 2010 um 09:27  

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