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the loveliest couple
2010-12-12 / 15:18

say hello to mr. pico bello and his new charming wife! pico bello (the brown one) is my "teddy-bear-monkey" i've got since i can think (it used to be my sisters' plushie but then she abbandoned it when i was born - so lucky him that i was there to save him) - and now we found a so goodlooking charming wife for him on the antique market in duesseldorf. its a lil bit old fashion that the parents choose the wife for his son - but i think he is happy - she is even that happy she turned pink and because she is in our family - she is also tattooed with roses all over her body - pico bello is just to hairy for tattoos *sigh*.. she didnt say her name yet - but thats maybe because she is very shy. but i am sure she will tell us her lil secret soon. she is from england and i dont wanna ask her for her age cause i think she is much older than her husband is. but she has very nice manners and looks always beautiful on the side of her new found love.

we let them alone now. so have a nice night!

i think this lil couple will have one :D




ahah they're too cute!! I used to have a monkey plush too! now he's always in my father's car ahah

I also really like the twins! especially the bad one, so charming!

By Blogger sara, at 12. Dezember 2010 um 23:08  

hahaha xDD als ich den post gelesen hab, musste ich total lachen :D picco bello guck sehr selbstzufrieden mit seiner frau xD

By Blogger Milkalina, at 13. Dezember 2010 um 02:32  

@sara i think its very cute that your dad keeps your plushie in his car :D
haha and the bad one charming? you are funny ^^... the good one gets her jewlery done today :D

@milkana freut mich dass ich dich zum lachen gebracht habe :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 13. Dezember 2010 um 03:26  

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