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sandra at the office o.O
2010-11-17 / 01:44

dont let me alone with a webcam hahahaha oh yes i got the best place here at the office- i call it the prison corner - right in front of the provider who is noisy as hell -.- but i can do what ever i want in my corner hahahaha noone is payinig attention what i am doing!

i am bored to death - cause i have to do some ad for our own agency..i hate doing ads for my own agency - nothing against my agancy - in fact i really REALLY like the ppl overe here (we have 2 units - the first is the "elite" with our boss and other great ppl - and us the 2. unit - the rebellion hahaha no not really - but we are waaaaay cooooler than the others i think^^and in a i say "family office) but i hate to do stuff for the own thing - cause it has to be super doooper crazy goooood ..not only good - it has to be PERFECT! aaaahhh..anyway... my brain is dead today so i show you my office:

micha with "ch" not mika - is kinda my third boss. he is sooo funny -
he even told me the story of cutting his hair - he used to have hair who reached to his bottom O.O

hahaha it looks like a mess - oh and look - the boss of the 2nd unit enteres - the guy with "the hat on his head" XD we use to say "talk to the guy with the hat on"

should i really work? did you noticed..i am playing too much with my ring - it changes places all the time... and i should sit straight - i have a posture like an old man..-.- gnaaahhh what for a useless post hahah :D



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