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the ideal flat!
2010-11-15 / 01:20

i am sitting in the office and i work on some stuff i should have done last week - but it wasnt much so i am done already haha^^ and i am thinking about my ideal flat...tell me about your ideal flat! that you could afford - so not dreaming about a BIG HUGE HOUSE WITH POOL or stuff - some realistic stuff..(or are you rich? give me some money if you are rich! XD)

my ideal flat would be:

2,5-3 rooms : 1 bed/sandraroom+1drawing room+ 1 alexroom (i think it is better when alex and me has their own space to get crazy sometimes...we always sleep in the same bed but sometimes he goes crazy and listens to music that i can stand for maybe half an hour and then i need my space! and i prefer that he has his own closet in his own room and there he can do his own mess that i dont have to clean and i can do my mess which he doesnt have to clean - and the bed has to always be in my room - oh i love my bed i do everything in my bed ..i just like lying and walking..sitting is just urrrgh..but thats another topic)
66 m² - 80 m²
a kitchen where i can put a table in
and a balcony - want a balcony this time! or at least a park near to the flat!

i am thinking about moving - from "essen" to "düsseldorf". or i am not thinking than more planning. i have to make some calculations for the money... we could afford a flat around 500 - 600 euros cold right now..but i wanted to start my tattooing career in february - so i dunno how our money status will be then. alex starts to tattoo this or next month - and i and i dont think even he does know how much he would earn in the beginning. and i still dont know how he handle the taxes - so much to learn to be a tattoo-artist-girlfriend..cause yes i am taking charge of the money - alex use to buy too much food for too much money (YES FOOD - not crazy stuff like videogames or dvd-player or a new pc - no my lovely boyfriend buys too much food- what is fine - but since he dont gain weight at all he could eat the whole day long - and not cooking but just buying food is kinda expensive) and sometimes other lil things that make a big thing in total at the end of the month..anyway i dont wanna talk about that - it is just like i wanna move!

like the ppl who are reading my blog carefully they know: i HATE essen (=the town i am living in) because of serveral reasons. and it is no use to live here anymore. our flat is really adorable - but it is getting kinda small..i dont work here anymore - i dont even buy my food in this town cause the supermarket in oberhausen (where i work) is much closer and better to get when i am done with work. so the decision is done - we are moving. to düsseldorf - its really a beautiful town with a river and beautiful architectur and you can WALK through the city. as you know - i love to walk - and i cant walk in is just ugly. i show it to you:

yes this is typical essen: on the left you see "bestattungen" its like a shop to organize funareals - and they are EVERYWHRERE - when we started looking for flats last year - we almost moved into a flat where such a shop was underneath it. most of the town looks like it - there is just a tiny park in the center - not much green (maybe i was too spoilt with munich before hmmm) and if you wanna see something beautiful like a lake you have to drive almost an hour -.-
compared to this düsseldorf is just GREAT:

i used to go over this complex when it was just new with my grandma. and this is just a tiny piece - there are parks and there is such a great historic district there! and so much green - ok there are spots which are ugly - but those spots are in every big citys - and i really like them - cause i like the contrast in a city. i think thats the reason why i love ldn that much (ldn = London) i used to fly there almost 5-8 times a year some until last year. but its just like that - i like contrast - and essen is just GRAY. nothing special - nothing beautiful..i searched for it - very hard. but i didnt find something WOW...

the shit part by changing flats is the commission for the flat and the deposit.
some lil calculation:

comission= around 2000 euro
deposit= around 1500 euro
rent-costs = 700 euro

that means only for the beginning without renting a truck for the moving that means:

4200 EUROS!!!! ._.

but there are flats without commissions too so we will search for those flats - i plan around 2000 euro + 300 euro for the truck to move our stuff. *sigh*

did i mentioned that i hate money?

anyway it will be done. it has to be done - cause i dont wanna get fatter (cause i dont walk - since i moved to essen i gained 4 kg .-. and i dont do anything diffrent except that i dont walk! and i refuse to go on a diet! some sports and walking should be enough grrr) and more sad in this town. and i need as long as i need now to work and alex is even closer to the studio. i just wanna be happy again - and thats only possible if i live in a town i like. i am really too spoilt with the towns i lived in.

have you ever moved somewhere you didnt liked?
i moved like 12 or more times...and thats the first time i didnt liked the town ._. *sigh*

anyway i really have to work^^haha.

love you guys!




I love the rose of the previous post! I like especially the black in the middle!

my ideal flat would be really small even a livingroom+bedroom would be enough, 'cause I don't plan on having too much stuff to store, but I'd like to have a tiny garden, 'cause my doggy would be really sad if she'd have to stay into a house with no garden!
I love the place I live in, 'cause it's near to the city, but not too much, so there is plenty of green, so many parks and I am pratically at 500m from the countryside and a little little river, wich I love!

hope you find a good place! good luck!

By Blogger sara, at 15. November 2010 um 04:12  

hihi, danke =)
Und falls du die Sachen haben willst (außer die Haare und das Shirt^^) schau doch mal hier rein.. =)

Achso, und lst auf gegenseitiges verfoglen?

By Blogger lory, at 16. November 2010 um 02:55  

joa, essen ist schon nicht so schön... ich hasse die stadt zwar nicht, aber ich hasse zb den stadtteil überruhr hinsel, da hab ich früher gewohnt, zwischen so vielen leuten, die uns alle nicht leiden konnten, weil wir wohl zu jung und bunt und fröhlich für sie waren (waren alles rentner). jetzt wohnen wir in der innenstadt. ist zwar praktisch und die wohnung ist echt schön, aber für immer in essen leben will ich auch nicht...

ich bin in düsseldorf geboren und ich liebe diese stadt. immer wenn ich allein dort aus dem hbf raus komme und die stadt sehe, bin ich glücklich (obwohl es dort vor dem hauptbahnhof auch nicht viel schöner ist), aber am rhein oder an anderen tollen orten dort, bin ich hin und weg. in düsseldorf sehen selbst die penner stilvoller aus, als in essen!!
ich beneide dich so sehr, ich will auch in düsseldorf leben :D aber irgendwann lebe ich wieder da^__^ ganz sicher!

und meine ideale wohnung wäre auch klein, aber fein xD ich liebe badewannen, ich möchte unbedingt eine wanne! ansonsten möchte ich einen arbeitsraum, zum zeichnen und am pc sitzen :) und dann halt noch ne kleine küche und wohnzimmer... und schlafzimmer.

By Blogger Milkalina, at 16. November 2010 um 07:25  

hi,hi...I liked the part about one's own mess... so true!

By Blogger design traveller, at 16. November 2010 um 11:16  

mitten in der stadt? wohnst du in einer wg? - ich mag eigentlich gar keinen stadtteil hier in essen - welchen magst du? es gibt eine winzige ecke hier - aber die ist wirklich so winzig - ich weiß noch nicht mal wo genau sie liegt.
das mit der wanne kann ich verstehen - ich MUSS baden wenn ich krank bin. aber muss nicht unbedingt sein - ich habe mich ans schnell duschen gewöhnt. aber so ne richtig große wanne für zwei wäre mal toll - weil mein freund groß ist passen wir eher schlecht als recht zusammen rein ._. najaaaa - und warum zur hölle ziehst du von dd nach essen? ok könnte man mich auch fragen - aber ich hab hier gearbeitet. ja ich freu mich wenns endlich soweit ist.

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 16. November 2010 um 13:40  

das ist toll, dass ihr umzieht! es wird bestimmt schön und, bonus, du kannst den flo nerven. :D
oooh, ich bin gespannt!

By Blogger ana jasin, at 16. November 2010 um 17:20  

ja direkt in der stadtmitte... noch mit meiner familie^^ wohn noch zu hause bis ich denn studiere.
ich bin auch nur nach essen gezogen, weil ich da noch zu klein war, um da wirklich was gegen zu tun xD aber ich fand die stadt schon immer zu eng und zu eintönig!

ich mag zb am annental (kennst du das) wenn man da in richtung kupferdreh runter an die ruhr kommt, da kann man sich durch die büsche schlagen und direkt an die ruhr setzen. das ist recht schön im sommer xD oder die gruga, die liebe ich <3

vllcht werd ich ja an der fh düsseldorf genommen^^ dann kann ich auch dahin ziehen :) *träum*

By Blogger Milkalina, at 18. November 2010 um 10:08  

Good luck finding a new place!
I hate money too... and in Geneva it's a big housing shortage at the moment, that's so hard to find a flat!!! it suckssss

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen, at 20. November 2010 um 02:40  

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