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A Sneak Peek!
2010-10-06 / 21:09

it is 6 a.m. - alex is sleeping deeply in our causy bed and what about meeeee? i cant sleep - my stomach is killing me - so what helps better than drawing against a tummy ache right? so i started on the girls i was planning on..or more on one.. i was thinking about hermes - the great messenger of the gods - lately ..a lot..but i didnt want to draw him so i made up a female a competitor of hermes - is there a female version of hermes? hermenia? hermessa? hermine? thats the female version of herman...anywaaaaay here you see the first sneak peek.

my parents come for a visit is kinda confusing to see them so soon again - but i am happy to see them..and the real reason why is because auf the we will see how my lil brain works with that. i hate funerals here in germany - it is so derpessing and sad - and sure it is depressing and sad but why this dark theme here in germany or europe??? in africa every wears white and they are thinking with joy about the past and its kinda ... not "fun"...but it gives you a good feeling to say goodbye to someone you loved..

anyway - i should go to sleep for an hour or two - have to work today on some mobile-sites...i kinda digg it...its like a big website just in small and you cant do much wrong cause there is to tiny space to overthink it too much haha^^

so good morning and have a nice day!



ich liebe ihre nase, die ist echt süß^^ ich hab eine freundin, die hat genau so eine nase :3

ich kann mir nur sehr schwer vorstellen, wie es ist, eine beerdigung fröhlich zu begehen, aber ich denke, es wäre schöner, wenn das in deutschland auch so sein würde...

By Blogger Milkalina, at 7. Oktober 2010 um 02:37  

dann ist deine freundin aber einer seeehr sehr süße! ich beneide die mädls immer ein wenig mit ihrer stupsnase - nur leider würde sowas auch nicht in mein gesichtpassen..>riesenschädl< you know?^^

hmm...ja ich glaub das mit der "fröhlichen" beerdigung muss man miterlebt haben um es zu begreifen. hmm^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 7. Oktober 2010 um 02:53  

ja^^ leider mag meine freundin ihre nase garnicht so sehr^^° kann ich überhaupt nicht verstehen oO

By Blogger Milkalina, at 9. Oktober 2010 um 06:01  

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