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My Girl in Japan!
2010-10-09 / 01:03

hello my dear friends!
todays post its not about me! its all about my dear friend anna.

look at her - isnt she adorable?

she is the first time in japan right now and she is writing about it. on facebook she even made something she called "a pic a day" i hope she will post them all on her blog too (cause we all know i more look through blogs than through facebook). that girl is just great! she is crazy and spontanious and i am very grateful that i travelled with her in the past. she has her own way of funny-ness (does this word even exist?) and if you got it you can have your time of your life with her. i just said to her she must have much experiences so i can live through her blog! i so damn want to visit japan someday! and buy so much stuff and visit so many temples! and eeeeat so much food i can get and what looks funny to me! and talk with some japanese ppl! uuuhhh that would be WOW! until that i have to visit annas blog haha^^

so pleeeeaaase visit her blog. its worth it!



dankedankedanke!!! :D

By Blogger -, at 9. Oktober 2010 um 01:32  

Its al very cool blog. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 10. Oktober 2010 um 06:38  

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