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Oh hi again...
2010-09-30 / 01:21

at first visit this site
its a blog about gary and illustrations of himself what he does in his normal life as imaginary friend. its so so cute, and funny, crazy, and sometimes just way too hilarious.

and for the design lovers:
you have to snug around this blog! it is worth it! from furniture you want to have to little stuff you wish you could have invented it to architecture you never thought this could even work!

so now to "personal" things.
haven't been here for a while. my aunt died and i was just in a bad mood and very sad about it. problems came up and just crazy stuff in my head - too too many thoughts. i couldnt really do anything except for work work work and sleep. but now i hope it gets to an end. i try really hard to focus but sometimes your logical thoughts dont want to follow your heart and your feelings. i have to draw, read and write again. i was at my parents house for some days and it was liberating and also made me wonder about life again. i dont want to dig too deep but i really want to get things going on again.

when i was in munich at my parents house we were visting the place i call home.

the nymphenburg palace

my parents have a flat near to it - and i lived there the most... from my birth until i became 4yrs old and then again when i was in 2nd grade and when i was a teen i think for a year again, but i am not sure cause we moved a lot when i was a kid. i love this place - my kindergarten was in this complex of the palace - and we went to walk every single day when i was there. i was a very quiet kid so i loved to run around the park and catch some bugs or butterflys and eat too much of daisys. but i was very happy - and i am still that i visited again that place - eventhough i was very sad to see that my kindergarten no more excist and there is an elementaryschool there are still kids but not those tiny ones who scream and just have fun but those who already have worries about life and grades and stuff. the environment became even "richer" what makes me a lil bit confused cause when i was a kid also normal ppl like my parents could afford to buy a flat over there - i talked to my dad and asked him for what price he let our flat ... i couldnt even understand the amount of money. its just ridiculous and sad to see preppy kids just haveing preppy kids around them and dont understand the worth of what they are living. but i cant change a thing about it so i just enjoyed the walk through the huuuuge park! my mom couldnt walk after our walk - i felt a lil bit guilty cause i didnt want to stop - you know i LOVE to walk. when i was in new york the first time some yrs ago i walked from 9a.m. until 11 p.m. around town just because i was too curious about EVERYTHING..i went to flea markets and snugg through so so many lil shops and even got through some kind of gay-parade - it was just great! it was the last vacation with my parents and they said after they left me around 6 p.m. that they wont ever go on a trip with me^^ but we only got 3 days in N.Y. and i HAD to see as much as i could.

so much happened and i am still confused in my lil round head. but i figure out my stuff and get my things together... ohohoh i will quit my job - did i mention that? next month is the last month as me as a web-designer. it just didnt worked out between me and my boss i think. i liked the job for the job but i couldnt get "intouch" with the ppl around me. eventhough its kinda sad cause right now i am connecting to some ppl but it is just not my thing. maybe cause i dont feel any pressure anymore...the decision in my head is made...eventhoooough i would work here if i had another position - i think. i am confused at this point. but it is a great opportunity to finally get an apprenticeship as a tattoo-artist. cause i am no longer depending on the money i earn that much cause i have my side-job and alex got his finally and then we get almost the same as i was working for us both. so i think i have to take the risk - get my portfolio together and i have to say hello to A LOT of tattoo shops. so we will see.

i will draw some girls today - i got really inspired at the nymphenburg palace - so come visit my blog again in some days.

thanks for still following me eventhough i was passing out.

love you guys!





Great to see you back. :)

By Blogger MinusAll, at 1. Oktober 2010 um 06:30  

thank you :D

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 1. Oktober 2010 um 10:08  

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