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That Girl and her Mouth...
2010-08-06 / 10:49

Remember...? i have done this lady - but the mouth was kinda..weird - so i corrected it a lil bit. it is still not perfect - but better than before i think!
so i prepare now for my nightwork at McStupid. my parents figured out that my second job is on this "famous fastfood-"restaurant""... so i dont have to make some secret of it right now anymore.. i have to admit i am still a lil bit confused about the fact i have to make a second job to earn enough of money - but i have to pay for two - so i think it is understandable..and i just finished universaty aaaaand i have a big flat aaaand and i buy so much things aaand we often eat out and go VERY often to the movies. *sigh* ..after a year i would earn more - but guess what? i wont get more money - i wont get any more money cause i will have a tattoo apprenticeship..- i dont have one yet - but i will start to search for one in winter. marc alter looked at my drawings and he gave me some tips and tricks. like to be thicker with my lines (thats the reason why i use my old brushes again) - i have to produce A LOT. it will be hard to get all my stuff together til november/december - but i have to draw draw draw. and FINISH my drawings!! i always start some lines and never finish it..but marc opened my eyes. so i concentrate on b/w drawings with some color accents!

and i have an idea for the GIVE AWAY! you will see it on sarturday or monday! YEAH.

beside this - (my mainjob-)work was stressful cause our Creative Director, Jan, is sick and our apprentice, Tobi, is also sick. and our second Art Director, Pam, is only twice a week there and only comes at 12a.m. - so you can imagine what crazy situation was there for me today. The rank is like this in our Creative Section:

1.THE BOSS: Paul

our company (its a webdesign company - i studied advertising and graphicdesign - thats because i am still a trainee..web design was just a lil part of my studies) is becoming bigger and bigger - and paul figured out that we need more ppl at the design section (there is an organisation section with 4..or5 ppl and the coder/programmer with 9ppl and the sistercompany for promotion/advertising with 20-25 ppl but they hire more ppl..they said..more names to remember..i am bad with remembering names..). on monday there will be 2 new ppl for probation there - and I - MEEEE have to train them. i think paul is sometimes crazy...but i think he tests me - cause i think he wants me to be junior art director next year.
beside this look how it looks when paul corrects my designs...he didnt have his tablet so...i was laughing at work today XDD



ahah the corrections cracked me up!
a teaching fellow have done something like this some time ago on a presentation I made on drugs of abuse! (only with pen and with mooore red signs ahah I had to correct a lot!)

I'm happy for you having a tattoo apprenticeship!
..and wow! art director!!!

that lady is wonderful, even I repeat myself *_*

By Blogger sara, at 6. August 2010 um 11:26  

i didn't think the mouth was too bad. if anything the chin might be a little(and only a little) off shape. it looks really good though :D

By Blogger Javmango, at 6. August 2010 um 14:55  

@sara i dont have an apprentenceship yet - but i will search for one in the end of this year!

@ javmango

did you think so? i thought about it also - but i just thought "why shouldnt she have a pointy chin? i have one too" - so i like the chin. but i understand your opinion^^

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 7. August 2010 um 02:54  

haha cool, i was thinking more lenth than pointiness, but if your happy with it thats all that matters :)

i love your line work, its really strong

By Blogger Javmango, at 7. August 2010 um 13:32  

You're so silly, I love it! If you want to write me just email me Considermydear(at)rocketmail(dot)com We can exchange addresses.

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 8. August 2010 um 02:00  

Ps. I linked you too!

By Blogger Consider my dear, at 8. August 2010 um 02:02  

Hi! Thrilled to find another quality art blog to follow. Will be interested to see your posts in my feed! :-) Have a great day.

By Blogger Alice, at 8. August 2010 um 15:26  

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