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2010-08-06 / 02:47

wanna link me?
copy this tag and put it onto your site!

when i figure out HOW to put buttons and banners into the widgets or on the right and left collumn i will link you too! (haha i am very thankfoul for any explanation)




ahah I was just thinking that I wanted to link you in the list of blogs I read!I'll do it immediately!

to add blog buttons to your blog you have to add the HTML/JavaScript widget and copy the codes you find on various blogs, as your code!

By Blogger sara, at 6. August 2010 um 03:43  

i just added on my blog :-))))

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 6. August 2010 um 03:48  

haha thank you both a lot! i will link you too - when i am out of work muahaha - like to do new stuff :DDD

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 6. August 2010 um 04:42  

Wow, I love your work. I wish I could do what you can. Awesome:).

By Blogger Sushila Chamling, at 7. August 2010 um 05:06  

thank you a lot! just practice - when i was younger i used to draw up to eight or ten hours a day (i didnt have much friends and skipped school a lot even if i had good marks *sigh*) and i hope to get on this level again cause one two yrs ago i was almost not drawing...

By Blogger Sandra Valerie, at 7. August 2010 um 05:41  

:). I hope to see more:), take good care and keep practicing.

By Blogger Sushila Chamling, at 9. August 2010 um 05:40  

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