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2010-08-11 / 13:06

i know i am two days late - i aaam sorry - but i was busy with working..
i hope you will forgive you wanna have those cuties?
it is an original (!!!) one of a kind lil painting in a format of a post-card in a FRAME!!
and a lil OWL-ring!!
(its in size S so write down if you wanna have it or not)

so here are THE RULES!

1. post a link back to my blog on your blog in an own post!
use this button. copy the tag and put it into your blog-post

Sandra Valerie

2. show the link with the blog-post in your comment that you will post here for proooove!

3. write a comment here and tell me what you would wish me to draw next!

4. this whole thing will end in two weeks on the 25th of august!

i wish you good luck!

the next give away will be at 111 followers!




hallo, guten morgen! ich bin erste :)

hier der link:

ich wünsche mir... hmmm... etwas mit einem mädchen und einer katze zusammen :3 und vllcht noch sonnenblumen xD

lg Halina

By Blogger Milkalina, at 12. August 2010 um 00:10  

I've linked it in a post... the bee is really really beautiful! so colorful!

as you can guess since I am a shortie... a ring in size S could suit me (I'm thinking again on how I am used to see short people here in Italy ahah)

By Blogger sara, at 12. August 2010 um 00:44  

oh I forgot: I wish you draw more things like the drawing with the crown and crocodiles, or more portrait like the beautiful lady with the feather! you're so good at making things look realistic!

By Blogger sara, at 12. August 2010 um 03:02  

hello Sandra! Thank you so much for your comment, I've tryed to let mine as well but it just doesn't enter your blog and I don't know why - just hope this time it does!
Thanks for the following, I'm currently following you too ! Great blog and pretty illustrations xxx

By Blogger Haute Miserable Couture, at 12. August 2010 um 16:24

A girl with deer antlers would be amazing!

By Blogger Little Eden, at 12. August 2010 um 18:12  

done :

fingers crossed !!! I really LOVE this painting so i'm hope to win XD
I already have a lil space on my wall for you ;)

Oh and i wish you draw an owl :-)))

By Blogger Kim-Anh Nguyen ART, at 14. August 2010 um 11:30  

i posted about the give away here -

I'm tiny so I'd love the ring if I win!

What about drawing a jackalope?

By Blogger Lolo, at 15. August 2010 um 04:50  

haha i missed out two great give aways

By Blogger v a m p i r e, at 16. August 2010 um 04:12  

Here's the link

I would lite you to draw a big dragonfly and some ranunculus. That would really be awesome!

I love to win the beautiful painting!

By Blogger Sandy De Luxe, at 24. August 2010 um 06:37  

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